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Episode 117: Come Correct If You Step to The Creatrix

On episode 117 Don and Offie are joined by twitch streamer, photographer and business owner Brandi AKA Creatrix. Starting with the traditional shot of whiskey (or bob sauce) then talking about the dangerous and growing connection between humans and technology, and the potential to upload a human brain to a computer. Some Creatrix background includingContinue reading “Episode 117: Come Correct If You Step to The Creatrix”

Episode 116: Fuck an HOA

On episode 116 Don and Offie begin by discussing the potential advances that could come from commercial space flight and why Jeff Bezos would want the WaPo. Moving quickly to the effects of the now implemented Washington State vaccine mandate including the firings, protests and lawsuits, but also the long term effects of slowly strippingContinue reading “Episode 116: Fuck an HOA”

Episode 115: If You Want to be A Cog, Go Do Cog Things

On episode 115 Don and Offie are joined by the one and only Larry Dixon. Starting off slow with dietary discussions, leading sharply into the labor shortage in not only traditionally low paying jobs but also higher paying and unions jobs (ferry boats, waste management and shipping trucks are local examples), and whether this couldContinue reading “Episode 115: If You Want to be A Cog, Go Do Cog Things”


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