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Offie       I imagine that the people I would consider my intellectual enemies would label me a heteronormative, cis-gendered, white-privileged, sexist, racist, triggering…fill in the blank with whatever the newest far-leftist buzz word of the day is. Really, I’m just a guy from the greatest state in the greatest country in the world (and yes, I truly believe that) trying to have meaningful and productive conversations with everyday normal people. But isn’t the beauty of the “everyday normal person” the fact that they aren’t normal at all? That we’re all different? That we’re all actually incredibly diverse, and no I’m not talking about race or ethnicity. I’m talking about diversity of thought and opinion. We as a nation are great because of how diverse we all are, and I believe the nation has lost sight of that on a massive scale.
Although the definitional age seems to differ from person to person, I am – by all accounts – a member of the Millennial generation. I used to and sometimes still do apologize for my generations’ fallacies, but I try not to generalize like that anymore. I say “try” because like everyone else out there I am in no way perfect, which should go without saying, but I really do believe in judging individuals by their actions and the content of their character over generalized assumptions. This mindset has automatically put me at odds fundamentally with both the political far left and far right, neither of which could possibly represent the great nation I call home. This isn’t their country, it’s mine, it’s ours!

Some random stuff about Offie:

  • I believe that most hot button issues have a much “greyer” answer than any black and white answer currently being discussed in main-stream media.
  • A Heretical former member of the “No Spin Zone”, politically bi-curious and underground agent of the Intellectual Dark Web.
  •  I follow state and local politics as we all should. I mean it’s only the place you live and work, why would you pay attention to that stuff? I know it’s not as glamorous and flashy as the reality TV show we have now called “federal politics” but I’d argue it’s much more important.
  • Prior active duty military and a true patriot struggling against the ideological tug-of-war that’s being done to the country by ignorant political extremists.
  • A fanboy of history who is especially interested in the underlying commonalities hidden in the Myth/Mythos of ancient societies that were completely separated by time and space.
  • To find myself I like to get “lost” in the forests of the great Pacific Northwest. All hippie/tree-hugger stereotypes aside, I believe there is a fundamental truth about life that you can glimpse, if only for a brief moment, when you completely silence the noise of society and immerse yourself in nature.
  • Writer, painter, carpenter and all-around creator of stuff I find fun and interesting.

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Driven by Honest & Factual Thinking

Don pic       I have always felt lost – when I was a child, in school and even now. I’m sure that feeling is more common than I think it is, but that feeling has always been the driving force behind the things that I have tried my hardest at. The political climate could be one of the more extreme examples. As I got out into the real world I no longer felt at home in the progressive left that I was raised in, so I followed the uneasy feeling in my gut into the Intillectual Dark Web. This journey of sorts was paved with stones that seem to have fallen out of the walls of both parties, creating for me a path to objective & critical thinking, logic, reason and conversation without emotion for the sake of exploration of thought. These have all been lost from traditional political parties and affiliations, but are being rediscovered and embraced in what was described by Eric Weinstein and adopted by us – and many more – as “The Intillectual Dark Web”.

Some random stuff about Donavan:

  • “Family man-to-be” with a wife and no kids yet, but Dad to a dog, 2 cats & a bearded dragon.
  • I hold many traditional American values and have a unique interest in the health & nutrition of my wife and future child as well as myself.
  • Born & raised in the same beautiful, small town in the Pacific Northwest.
  • I love listening to music and a few of my favorite artists are The Wu-Tang Clan, Tyler the Creator, Action Bronson, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA and Atmosphere.
  • Once an avid player of COD, Fallout, The Last of Us and even Minecraft. But ONLY on my PS4.
  • Huge movie/film buff especially history & war flicks. Favorite director; Kevin Smith. Favorite actor; Daniel Day Lewis. Favorite movie; depends on the category.
  • I believe that the Democratic Republic is the best system we have, we just aren’t doing a very good job at it.
  • Cannabis enthusiast & advocate for those who need/want it.

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