About the Podcast

Salt of the Streets Podcast is designed to bridge the gap between people and information. Navigating through the hurricane of spin and bias created by most major media outlets is a long, exhausting process thanks to the strange times we find ourselves in. Don and Offie have made it their mission to help their fellow everday people stay informed with non-biased facts, in order to provide them with the best opportunity to make decisions for themselves as individuals and voters.

Don and Offie met while working at a small manufacturing company in Silverdale, Washington. After standing 10-feet from eachother and having a few heated debates over current and political issues, they began to realize something – their conversations actually went somewhere when they asked questions and shared resources, not just opinions. Over time this became the core value of what Don & Offie wanted to share with others – to see both sides and know where all the facts are coming from before forming an opinion.

Their hope is to inspire others to have honest, fact-based conversations; ones which lead them to create opinions based on evidence and not just mainstream media. Salt of the Streets is creating a space where people can come for reliable, unbiased information and they plan to continue to grow that space. The SOS audience is key in this growth – with support from listeners, Don & Offie can remain independent and influence-free on their mission. Join them in bridging the gap by reaching out – leave a comment on weekly posts, engage in the live pre-show conversation or send a private message with a topic suggestion for the show. Salt of the Streets is here for you, to help you see both sides and be an informed individual.

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