Welcome to the conversation.


We that feel lost in the whirlwind of divisive, hot-button issues deserve to speak freely and objectively amongst one another in the effort of finding truth. The ability to see merit in ideals opposite of yours or understand how someone could arrive at them is the first step away from identity politics and back toward a world where objective conversations can be had and ideas larger than one person can be discussed.

That is the goal of what we are doing here on the Salt of the Streets podcast – creating an open, honest space to have discussion that will lead to having knowledgeable and well informed citizens.IMG_0085 (1)

It is up to you to inform yourself and disseminate the truth from the fake news, because no one will do it for you. Do yourself and the rest of the country a favor and do your part. Inform yourself not just with information that confirms your feelings and makes you feel comfortable, but also with information that makes you feel nervous and defensive and makes you think and begin to understand those around you that are different. In the search of truth there is always a chance you could offend someone, but this is a safe place to be offensive.

IMG_0072The beauty we see in the intense amount of media that we consume on a daily basis is the variation of the hosts and opinions that are displayed on them – and that’s the same beauty that we’ve found in the engaging conversations we have that ultimately led to this podcast.

So, without further ado, welcome to our journey into the secret and sacred world of the Intellectual Dark Web and moreover, welcome to the conversation.

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