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SOS is going LIVE!

Along with Episode 79 today,  we have two HUGE announcements. On Saturday March 7, Don and Offie will be joined by the one and only Denzel 2AM to discuss music and current social and political issues. All of the boys from Upper Left were amazing guests so we couldn’t be more excited to have theContinue reading “SOS is going LIVE!”

An Opinion on Impeachment

Written by: Colin Offenbacker The House of Representatives have begun what could and probably will end in articles of impeachment toward President Donald J. Trump for committing “high crimes and misdemeanors”. He (Trump) officially joins the ranks of other U.S. Presidents who have had to deal with the imposition of that great political phantom knownContinue reading “An Opinion on Impeachment”

Blogpost 10/24: The Role of Personal Accountability in America

Today (10/23) Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of FaceBook, testified in front of The Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives. Zuckerberg was there to testify both about Libra, the digital currency FaceBook has been getting involved in as well as a settlement Facebook entered with HUD (the department of Housing and Urban Development) overContinue reading “Blogpost 10/24: The Role of Personal Accountability in America”

Episode 71!

On a fun filled episode 71 Don and Offie crack open a monks indiscretion and go over the strange events and nuance surrounding the impeachment inquiry that was broken down in episode 70 including prior knowledge of the whistleblower report by Adam Schiff, texts between diplomats and process in the House of Representatives, a quickContinue reading “Episode 71!”

Episode 69 is LIVE!

The SOS boys will be off for the next two weeks but there WILL be content provided while we are gone! Be on the lookout for new blogposts and audio blogposts over the next two weeks! Thanks for sticking around! Episode 69 takes Don and Offie down the path of the emoluments clause of theContinue reading “Episode 69 is LIVE!”

Episode 67 is LIVE!

After the 2 week break Don and Offie kick it off with conversation around the History Channel show ‘Alone’, the common understanding of The Green New Deal and what it actually is the Washington State recreational cannabis industry and new expansions being discussed, being a moderate is not a bad thing, The Democratic Candidates thatContinue reading “Episode 67 is LIVE!”


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