Jordan Peterson

Tomorrow (at the time of writing) is finally the day that Offie and I get to see Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (JBP) live at the Moore Theater in Seattle. We have been waiting for this for a long time.  JBP is someone that Colin and I reference often for many reasons, one of the largest being that he is part of what is now being called “The Intellectual Dark Web”, a group of people that most of whom had a part in bringing the two of us together.

For those who don’t know JBP came to fame/infamy when Bill C-16 came into Canadian Parliament which would enforce a number of gender pronouns into the public lexicon and create an environment where if someone was accidentally mis-gendered that could/would be considered discrimination which, according to Dr. Peterson, is considered a hate crime under the Ontario Human Rights Code and could therefor lead to the offender being imprisoned for an accident. Understandably he resisted this but despite his efforts the bill was passed anyway.

Ever since, he has gained a massive following by people similar to Colin and I who are seekers of objective truth and look to have honest conversations in search of the truth. He has also recently published a book entitled “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” which I am about halfway through and couldn’t be more impressed with. I look forward to finishing it and implementing some of those tools into my life. For more info on that you can listen to any of his interviews in the last few months so I don’t just sing his praises all day.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect from the experience. Because of what I’ve seen from past lectures, I halfway expect to be met with a large number of protesters. Because of the modern social climate there are a great many people who misrepresent JBP as a far right pundit who is among many other things sexist, racist, and trans-phobic (of which he is none) which often brings the loud opposing voices of those who have been misinformed of what he truly represents.

I personally think one of the reasons I find the opinions of JBP so refreshing and fulfilling is because as I drifted farther from the left I began to get the feeling that I knew something was wrong there. The political side I once felt comfortable on was now making me feel as if I was too conservative and not able to come to terms with the new way of the world which I soon learned was not true. The opinions and lessons of Dr. Peterson helped me see that the overwhelming and totalitarian style of the far left is parallel to the far left communism that led to the death of so many people in Europe. THAT’S what was wrong.

The same ideals that fuel the modern forces of equality of outcome are the same ideals that were warned of in 1984 by George Orwell, a book that is part of junior high curriculum so that even those who are just beginning the think critically are able to see the destruction that comes from trying to equalize an entire society. Enforcing speech and adjusting peoples’ lives unnaturally to ensure the equality of everyone will benefit only the few and denies biological structure inside of us. Dr. Peterson is one of the few people willing to acknowledge and spread this truth.

In my personal opinion JBP will soon be regarded as one of the most important and positively influential speakers of our time. He will be one of the people that begins the intellectual revolution that brings this country back from the brink of destruction. The time that we have with him should be cherished and every word grabbed from the air the moment it is spoken from his mouth. I couldn’t be anymore excited for this experience.


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