Episode 113: There is No Time Limit on Freedom

On episode 113 Don and Offie begin with a sneak peak into the second topic (COVID updates) by briefly talking about resistance, personal liberty and government lead division , they then go over Texas SB8 (aka the heartbeat bill) starting by breaking down the bill itself, then some of the bad faith arguments on bothContinue reading “Episode 113: There is No Time Limit on Freedom”

Episode 112 pt.1 : A War of Attrition

On part 1 of episode 112 Don and Offie start with a brief update of the infrastructure bill working its way through the congress and well as its path forward and potential obstacles. Then the boys break down the U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan as comprehensively as possible, starting by discussing the monetary incentive for mainstreamContinue reading “Episode 112 pt.1 : A War of Attrition”

Episode 111: Joe Biden is A Crepe

On episode 111 Don and Offie start by breaking down why they do the podcast and what their end goals are, followed by some nightmares of camping. The first formal topic is coverage of the Biden/Putin summit including the press conferences from both presidents, reactions, what place this form of diplomacy has in 2021 andContinue reading “Episode 111: Joe Biden is A Crepe”

Episode 110: Beat Blackrock by Being Blackrock

On episode 110 Don and Offie are joined once again by local hero and resident tax man Larry Dixon. Together they start by discussing the merits of even a catch-less fishing trip, and then some of the ways Oklahoma and Washington handled COVID differently. Jeff Bezos, his taxes, Blue Origin, Amazon and the effects theyContinue reading “Episode 110: Beat Blackrock by Being Blackrock”

Episode 108: Vax-ed or Masked

On episode 108 Don and Offie start off by breaking down Governor Ron Desantis decision to cancel the locally based emergency orders in Florida as well as limiting future emergency orders, and then contrast that with the reopening process for Washington State. Then, the updated masking guidelines and the effective creation of two separate classesContinue reading “Episode 108: Vax-ed or Masked”