Episode #141: But it says “Engineering”

Episode 141 starts with an extended LMAYT breaking down an episode of the “Up First” podcast and then a local story about the misuse and loss of millions in federal COVID aid. In Part 2 updates in the vaccine guidance from the FDA for the COVID vaccine and the most recent expose by Project VertiasContinue reading “Episode #141: But it says “Engineering””

Episode #137 “Fighting The Fatalism”

In episode 137 Don and Offie keep it light for part 1 with some pop culture and LMAYT while sorting through some technical difficulties. In Part 2, a deep dive into groundbreaking report from the Intercept detailing the level of collusion between big tech and the federal government including bi-weekly meetings, special DHS task forcesContinue reading “Episode #137 “Fighting The Fatalism””

Episode #136: Didn’t She Win?

On Episode 136 Don and Offie start with an update on a local hospitals’ ransomware issue, a glimmer of hope on the WA magazine ban, and then they Breakdown Breaking Points. In Part 2 they dismantle the narrative of localized European warfare by going over the levels of involvement from other countries including; the IranianContinue reading “Episode #136: Didn’t She Win?”

Episode #135 Every day is Jan 6th

In episode 135 Don and Offie start with a ransomware debacle ensnaring a local medical center that houses the only ER for miles, and finish by going over the voters’ pamphlets for Kitsap County and Washington State. In Part 2 Don goes over and breaks down the Corp media narrative around Jan 6, covering manyContinue reading “Episode #135 Every day is Jan 6th”