Episode 108: Vax-ed or Masked

On episode 108 Don and Offie start off by breaking down Governor Ron Desantis decision to cancel the locally based emergency orders in Florida as well as limiting future emergency orders, and then contrast that with the reopening process for Washington State. Then, the updated masking guidelines and the effective creation of two separate classesContinue reading “Episode 108: Vax-ed or Masked”

Episode 107: BLM & The Boog Boys

On Episode 107 Don and Offie start this Friday recording by discussing whether or not America has been living under a totalitarian regime for the last 18 months and what I would take to unite the country under that idea. A tangential rant fueled by the lies of Jen Psaki about the coalition that couldContinue reading “Episode 107: BLM & The Boog Boys”

Episode 106: Isn’t That The One…

Episode 106 starts with Don and Offie going over the facts of the Duante Wright shooting including the coverage from MSM and the things we should all be taking from it. The recent executive orders announced by the Biden/Harris admin regarding “common sense gun safety” including the lies spread during the announcement and a lineContinue reading “Episode 106: Isn’t That The One…”

Episode 105: My Body My Choice

Back in studio for episode 105 Don and Offie start by discussing the idea (and implementation in some cases) of “vaccine passports” including what this could mean and lead to. The tumultuous relationship between teachers unions, parents & school districts, and the federal government and the way it is affecting Americas youth, and then theContinue reading “Episode 105: My Body My Choice”

Episode 104: Pacos Produce

On episode 104 Don and Offie, accompanied by the sweet sound of birds, go over the final version of the American Rescue Plan Act including the direct payments, unemployment assistance, as well as funding for schools and state and local governments. Different policy choices such as the child tax credit, adding money to the nationalContinue reading “Episode 104: Pacos Produce”