Episode 128: Tears From a Big Bird

On episode 128 Don and Offie start off with a LMAYT by the big bird, then moving into local stories including why TONS of DUI cases are likely to be overturned, a new “retail theft taskforce” and some MORE unnecessary taxes due to governmental ineptitude. In Part 2 recent Supreme Court decisions are covered including the DobbsContinue reading “Episode 128: Tears From a Big Bird”

Episode 127: Saloon Doors on Its Head

On episode 127 Don and Offie start off local in Part 1 with two Washington State Supreme Court rulings, one further limiting when federal officers can be sued and the other further enshrining racial discrimination into Washington State Law. In Part 2, the leaking of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court relating to RoeContinue reading “Episode 127: Saloon Doors on Its Head”

Episode 124: American Propaganda

On Episode 124 Don and Offie are talking all about propaganda. Part 1 starts off easy with a little pop culture, moving into a recap of the biggest bills out of the WA state legislature in 2022 including local hunting regulations and gun laws. In Part 2, a breakdown of the propaganda coming out ofContinue reading “Episode 124: American Propaganda”