Episode #88: From the Mouths of Babes

Episode #88 Saturday June 27, 2020 Feat. Shelby On episode 88 Don and Offie are joined by Don’s cousin Shelby, with her help the boys were able to get a glimpse into what the COVID shutdown was like from the viewpoint of not only a High-School Senior, but also a Certified Nurses Assistant. The crewContinue reading “Episode #88: From the Mouths of Babes”

Episode 87: NILS, CHAZ, and The News

On episode 87 Don and Offie are joined by Elijah AKA PNW Nils of Upper Left. Continuing the conversation started last week the trio dig into deep and thought provoking conversation about the way social media being used in the last few weeks and what and individuals responsibility is to speak publicly, Dons recent journeyContinue reading “Episode 87: NILS, CHAZ, and The News”

Episode 85: Wild Colt Make the Best Horses

This week we were able to share our first COVID story from Colins brother Chad, in and effort to gain a better understanding of how the virus and the subsequent shutdown have affected the American people. We remain interested in hearing more stories and will continue to have guests for the next few episode. PleaseContinue reading “Episode 85: Wild Colt Make the Best Horses”