Salt of The Streets Episode 48

On our the first classic episode in a few weeks the birth of the first Salt of The Streets baby is announced and the boys get back to the basics with hopefully what will be final shutdown related coverage, the current political strife in Venezuela and different ideas on how to handle it, the recent arrest of Roger Stone, new abortion laws being introduced, a new law considering exeptions from vaccines, lots of red dead talk as well as the first few weeks of father hood and of course SPORTS!!

Things were crazy the last few weeks but should be getting back normal so you can expect our usual pre shows on Saturday and the occasional Sunday, new episodes like this one every Monday, the full video on our YouTube on Tuesday, am the written and audio blog posts on Thursday. All audio originates on our SoundCloud and then can be found anywhere that you can find a podcast.

We love feedback from the listeners and of course answering any questions you have or covering any topics you request. You can reach out to us on ANY of our social media either business or personal and we WILL answer. We also have T shirts for sale that can be purchased from us at any time. If you leave us a review wherever you listen, take a screen shot and send it to us you will get $5 off of your first shirt.

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