Gravity In the Back-Country

Written By: Colin Offenbacker Lately on the podcast you’ve probably heard me talk a lot about being out, or at the very least wanting to be out in the woods. Whether I’m talking about an upcoming back-country hunt or even an overnight backpacking trip somewhere deep in the Olympic Mountains, there is something buried withinContinue reading “Gravity In the Back-Country”

Opinion: Iran and The West

Written by: Colin Offenbacker The Islamic Republic of Iran and the modernized western nations have been on a collision course since the Iranian Revolution. Picture two massive ships sailing towards each other on the high seas. Each ship knows that their courses will meet in a dramatic and devastation collision but neither chooses to takeContinue reading “Opinion: Iran and The West”

The “Situation”: A Two Pronged Problem Facing American Politics

Written By: Colin Offenbacker It’s Thursday and after the “slow” news week that we’ve all had, after the historically devastating experience of watching the great Notre Dame Cathedral burn, after the public release of the long awaited Mueller report, I wanted to write about something jubilant. I wanted to right something uplifting. Unfortunately, I fearContinue reading “The “Situation”: A Two Pronged Problem Facing American Politics”

A Recent Rediscovering of the Emerald City

Written by: Colin Offenbacker In the wake of the most loaded news week to hit our feeds, TV screens and computer screens in recent memory, I’ve strangely found myself at a loss as to what to write for my blog post this week. So I have fallen back to safety of writing about something IContinue reading “A Recent Rediscovering of the Emerald City”