SOS Preshow #90: Featuring Brandon

This time around we’re getting Thermogenic in here! Our buddy Brandon joined is in studio to share his COVID shutdown experiences. We also talk Thermogenic foods, Don getting pulled over by a cop, some general video game talk. Plus Brandon discusses his experiences streaming on Twitch. All of that in more inside the preshow forContinue reading “SOS Preshow #90: Featuring Brandon”

SOS Preshow #89: Feat. John, Chicken-Man & Resident Badass

In yet another THUNDEROUS installment of the Salt of the Streets Preshow, we’ve got none other than the famous JOHN in studio!!! Chicken-man and owner of the MURDER GYM, resident badass, he also happens to be Don’s neighbor. Together with his help the crew tackles the latest and greatest in the saga of Jeffrey Epstein,Continue reading “SOS Preshow #89: Feat. John, Chicken-Man & Resident Badass”

Episode #88: From the Mouths of Babes

Episode #88 Saturday June 27, 2020 Feat. Shelby On episode 88 Don and Offie are joined by Don’s cousin Shelby, with her help the boys were able to get a glimpse into what the COVID shutdown was like from the viewpoint of not only a High-School Senior, but also a Certified Nurses Assistant. The crewContinue reading “Episode #88: From the Mouths of Babes”

An Opinion on Impeachment

Written by: Colin Offenbacker The House of Representatives have begun what could and probably will end in articles of impeachment toward President Donald J. Trump for committing “high crimes and misdemeanors”. He (Trump) officially joins the ranks of other U.S. Presidents who have had to deal with the imposition of that great political phantom knownContinue reading “An Opinion on Impeachment”