Episode 105: My Body My Choice

Back in studio for episode 105 Don and Offie start by discussing the idea (and implementation in some cases) of “vaccine passports” including what this could mean and lead to. The tumultuous relationship between teachers unions, parents & school districts, and the federal government and the way it is affecting Americas youth, and then theContinue reading “Episode 105: My Body My Choice”

Episode 104: Pacos Produce

On episode 104 Don and Offie, accompanied by the sweet sound of birds, go over the final version of the American Rescue Plan Act including the direct payments, unemployment assistance, as well as funding for schools and state and local governments. Different policy choices such as the child tax credit, adding money to the nationalContinue reading “Episode 104: Pacos Produce”

Episode 103: Who Built The Cages?

On episode 103 Don and Offie are back in studio ( a day after the pre show) to go over some of the bigger events in the Biden/Harris admin thus far, including the recent missile strike in Syria, possible conflicts of interest with Lloyd Austen and, the reopening of the overflow facilities at the border.Continue reading “Episode 103: Who Built The Cages?”

Episode 101: Sus But Not Yet Guilty

On episode 101 Don and Offie take on a triple header of listener topics. Starting with allegations against a Seattle rapper. Two women have come forward with allegations against local rapper Raz Simone, including assault and coercion, the allegations, available evidence and statements from both sides are discussed. Listener request two is a breakdown of theContinue reading “Episode 101: Sus But Not Yet Guilty”