Episode 124: American Propaganda

On Episode 124 Don and Offie are talking all about propaganda. Part 1 starts off easy with a little pop culture, moving into a recap of the biggest bills out of the WA state legislature in 2022 including local hunting regulations and gun laws. In Part 2, a breakdown of the propaganda coming out ofContinue reading “Episode 124: American Propaganda”

Episode 123: The State of Our Union (Part 1 0f 4)

On Episode 123 Don and Offie announce a new show structure and in Part 1/4 the boys catch up on the pop culture since 122, a local 2nd Amendment update and then a breakdown of one of Gov. Jay Inslees recent press conferences. Part 5/4 is a Patreon exclusive for ANY TEIR, be there orContinue reading “Episode 123: The State of Our Union (Part 1 0f 4)”

Episode 123: The State of Our Union

This week we are announcing a new show structure going forward. To emphasize the shows ability to be consumed either in pieces or at once we will be releasing a full episode as well as more defined segments over the two weeks leading into the new show. This will make the show more approachable toContinue reading “Episode 123: The State of Our Union”