Episode 100: Thank Biden & Hail Inslee

We want to preface this episode by thanking every one who has listened to our show, reached out to us, supported us and given us reason to continue. We literally would not be here without our audience. Our entire goal is to help people learn and grow, and of course bridge the gap. Thank youContinue reading “Episode 100: Thank Biden & Hail Inslee”

Episode 99: NOW We Can Talk About Hunter and The Hard Drive

Episode 99 will be our last recording of this year but don’t worry, it won’t be the last content you see until the next episode. Our next recording will be January 9th and the episode will come out on the 11th. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you from all ofContinue reading “Episode 99: NOW We Can Talk About Hunter and The Hard Drive”

Episode 98: Krakens and Ghost Guns

On Episode 98 Don and Offie start by going over different iterations of ‘holiday COVID restrictions’ as well as the ways people got around them and a few examples of civil servants abusing their power and being blatantly hypocritical. Responding to a listener request, the boys take a deep and comprehensive look at the Biden/HarrisContinue reading “Episode 98: Krakens and Ghost Guns”

Episode 97: The Tax Man Cometh

On episode 97 Don and Offie are joined once again by local legend Larry ‘The Tax Guy’ Dixon, and together they start light by discussing the minute and vast difference between Marvel and DC including why Don prefers the former and Larry the latter, the different multiverses and the way the comics translated to differentContinue reading “Episode 97: The Tax Man Cometh”

Episode 96: A Hill to Die On

With this weeks episode we are also announcing the start of MOVEMBER! This will be Dons 5th year participating with a total of $1,140 collected, with help from everyday people who decided to step up. Times are insanely weird and many people can’t donate now when they could in the past, just sharing these linksContinue reading “Episode 96: A Hill to Die On”