Episode #147 “I Men’s Warehouse It”

Episode 147 is back to the basics with Don and Offie bringing you a full listener request show. Topics include;Part 1;LMAYT; – 0:06:30Inslee won’t seek re-election; – 0:21:20Homelessness committee in Seattle; – 0:50:30IG commenter responses; – 1:03:00 Part 2;Impromptu Breaking Down BreakingPoints10 year-old “workers” at McDonalds; – 1:35:00Border Crisis / National Guard sent to theContinue reading “Episode #147 “I Men’s Warehouse It””

Episode #146: A Man Appalled vs. A Woman Scorned

In episode 146 Don and Offie are joined once again by Brandi AKA Creatrix. Topics include;Part 1;LMAYT; – 0:11:30WA State Assault Weapons Ban Update; (weapons banned, breakdown of the various sections of the bill, why this is horrible idea) – 0:31:00WA State Becomes “Sanctuary State” for gender affirming and reproductive care”; (SB 5599, breakdown andContinue reading “Episode #146: A Man Appalled vs. A Woman Scorned”

Episode 145: When Offie Broke Don

Don and Offie are back in studio with episode 145, topics include;Part 1;LMAYT; -00:05:00Washington State Assault Weapons Ban; -00:19:00Washington State Capital Gains Tax; -00:30:00Central Bank Digital Currency; -00:33:30Pip boys, cobalt mines and the purpose of graveyards -00:45:00Causes and Attempted Solutions for Homelessness -00:53:00Part 2;The Nashville Christian School Shooting and its Effects (Assault Weapons Ban, redContinue reading “Episode 145: When Offie Broke Don”

Episode #144 – Plaguecast

Don and Offie Present Episode #144 – The Plaguecast specialTopics Include;Part 1; No human has the right to dictate how you defend yourselfLMAYT – 0:14:30Seattle PD Wifi Mesh Network – 0:27:00WA Capital Gains Tax – 0:48:30Part 2;Trump 2024 (Waco speech, limiting the size of government) – 1:00:30Potential Trump Indictment and Arrest – 1:20:00International Bank CollapsesContinue reading “Episode #144 – Plaguecast”

Episode #143 – You Don’t Even Want to Talk to Me

Donavan and Colin present episode #143 of the SOS podcast!Topics include;Part 1;TLOU Breakdown – 0:03:00Let Me Ask You This – 0:35:24Breaking Down Breaking Points (Child Labor) – 0:40:30Part 2;Updates on the Chinese Spy Balloons – 1:32:45Train Crash in New Palestine (crash, cleanup efforts, information coverups, Trumps visit)- 2:04:10Part 3;Updates on Ukrainian War (Tanks from Canada,Continue reading “Episode #143 – You Don’t Even Want to Talk to Me”