Episode #133: The People are the Answer

Part 1 of Episode 133 kicks off with a double dose of LMAYT and then a dive into local stories including a gas powered leaf blower ban in Seattle and Governor Jay Inslee FINALLY giving up his emergency powers (just in time for mid-terms). Part 2, is a throwback to classic SOS while Don andContinue reading “Episode #133: The People are the Answer”

Episode #130: Good Enough for Me (ft. Jake Lines)

On episode 130 Don and Offie start local (after LMAYT) with a PO business going under because of COVID fines, and finish with a 3 part example of WA state trying to limit your ability to defend yourself while violent crime rates sky rocket. In Part 2 the SOS State of the Union, discussing theContinue reading “Episode #130: Good Enough for Me (ft. Jake Lines)”

Episode 128: Tears From a Big Bird

On episode 128 Don and Offie start off with a LMAYT by the big bird, then moving into local stories including why TONS of DUI cases are likely to be overturned, a new “retail theft taskforce” and some MORE unnecessary taxes due to governmental ineptitude. In Part 2 recent Supreme Court decisions are covered including the DobbsContinue reading “Episode 128: Tears From a Big Bird”

Episode 127: Saloon Doors on Its Head

On episode 127 Don and Offie start off local in Part 1 with two Washington State Supreme Court rulings, one further limiting when federal officers can be sued and the other further enshrining racial discrimination into Washington State Law. In Part 2, the leaking of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court relating to RoeContinue reading “Episode 127: Saloon Doors on Its Head”