Episode 76 and Happy 2020!

On the first episode of the new year the wine bar wastes an opportunity while Don and Offie start by breaking down the recent updates in the Impeachment Inquiry including the actual impeachment of The President, Nancy Pelosi holding onto the articles (for now) and Mitch McConnells announced plan for when he gets them, theContinue reading “Episode 76 and Happy 2020!”

Episode 75! We’ll see you in 2020!

This will be our last full episode of 2019 and EVERYONE at Salt of The Streets wants to thank you all for supporting us and helping us make our dream come true. We work incredibly hard to provide good content but mainly to allow you and everyone around you to make well informed political decisionsContinue reading “Episode 75! We’ll see you in 2020!”

The Second Reason America is Great

On November 29, 5 people were stabbed, two of them fatally in London, UK. Two men, one armed with narwhal tusk the other with a fire extinguisher, stopped the attacker before he could harm anyone else.  The attacker was attending a conference that was about the re-assimilation of criminals into society. One of the menContinue reading “The Second Reason America is Great”

SOS Podcast Episode 73 w/ Michael Barker

We want to start by thanking everyone who donated to Don’s Movember page. With all of your help he was able to SHATTER his $200 goal and end up with a total of $550 for this year and almost $1,500 over the last four years. The mustache may be gone but the memories are notContinue reading “SOS Podcast Episode 73 w/ Michael Barker”