More Content, New Release Schedule and a Quick Look to the Future.

Written by: Colin Offenbacker AKA BigBirdOffie


Welcome everyone to the first of many new Salt of the Streets Blog posts. We’ve been releasing new episodes of the podcast once a week for about 3 months now, though, it’s been a great deal longer in the making. If you’ve read our Dissents over these last few months you’ve heard the story of how Don and I got this train rolling so I won’t rehash that old story, we are however going to be covering some changes that are coming.

The first change that you might be noticing is this new style of blog post in place of our classic Dissent. The Dissents will still be coming but we’re going to be pulling them back to a once a month release. The original idea behind the Dissent was to give Don and I a place to dig deeper into a topic we covered in the last podcast or even dive into a topic we didn’t have time to get to.

Due to a number of reasons, which include both of us being blue collar working families, our time to dive deep into a story and write a comprehensive article detailing the facts, proper context and our own views on said story became compromised by my personal ever-present nemesis, time.

Over the last few months our Dissents have evolved into more op-ed style articles and after lengthy discussion we’ve decided to pull back their release schedule which will provide us with a great deal of time to really dive into topics and build much more comprehensive articles. They’re may be pictures, there may be audio interviews, but the quality will reflect that of an online magazine going forth and we are both incredibly excited to tap into some of that potential.

So, lets talk release schedules!

As per the usual, Thursday’s will still be a content release day only instead of a Dissent you’ll be getting a new Blog post every Thursday. We may still use the blog to post about topics from our latest episodes or some behind the scenes stuff similar to this. The first round of the Dissent 2.0 will be released on the 29th of June so stay tuned for that, I have some very exciting stuff in the works for my first new and improved Dissent and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Without showing our hand too much let’s talk about the future of Salt of the Streets. The podcast will continue as usual, ever-improving and ever-evolving, we’ll have our weekly blog posts on Thursday’s and at this point we’re still hammering out the exact release date of the new Dissents, but our first set will be out the end of June as mentioned above. We’re looking into merch, a full HD video version of the Podcast and so much more. Join us on our journey as we continue to build and grow our ever-present mission to bridge the gap between left and right.

And don’t forget to check in here next Thursday for Don’s blog post!

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