Aaaaaaand We’re Back!

Hey everyone Colin here! I’m back from my travels back east and am excited to jump back into the mic’d up saddle!

Since I’ve been gone my brother in arms has done great things and I just want to send out a big THANKS to him, it gave me great piece of mind while I was gone to know that Salt of the Streets was in excellent hands.

It’s a very long story, one which I’ll talk about on the upcoming cast recording on Saturday, but I was unable to create any extra content for you all. It was a very busy, very great time filled to the brim with family, food and old friends.

New York City has been my second home since I was a young man. It’s where I met my amazing wife, it’s where I discovered a lot about myself and about the world. It’s a fast paced, chaotic and sometimes extremely frustrating place, but it’s New York, and whether it’s the feel of the city, its endless offerings of incredible food from every culture around the world, it gets into your blood and after even a few months of living it’s lifestyle it feels something like home.

I’m going to cut this post off a little short because even though I’m officially back, trying to get everything back to normal has taken more time than I had thought. But never fear, I’ll be talking all about my adventures on this upcoming show, so tune in, catch the live streams,  hit us up on our social medias or even in the comments down below.  Other than that look out for the triumphant return of good old Salt of the Streets on Monday, wherever quality podcasts can be found!

Stay salty people,


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