Talking the Talk before Walking the Walk

Hey everyone, Offie here with your weekly blog post. Today I want to pose a question to anyone and everyone whom may read this.

Is a good idea poorly explained still a good idea? Particularly when speaking on topics of politics and governmental policy.

This question came to mind while I was watching one of Joe Rogan’s latest episodes on YouTube. Episode #1167 featured the Libertarian candidate for the Governorship of New York State, Larry Sharpe. When I first saw his name pop up on my phone as my podcast list refreshed I was filled with excitement because I saw Larry Sharpe on an episode of The Rubin Report and was pleased with what he had to say. We won’t go into everything that was discussed on either show right here, we’ll save that for an episode of the podcast, maybe even this upcoming episode, there’s just simply too much to try and cover. I do however recommend anyone interested in a “realistic” Libertarian take a listen or catch it on YouTube.

The topic at hand when this question came to mind was centered around the “plan” Mr. Sharpe has in store for the education system of New York State if actually elected. It seems to be a plan right in line with the major Libertarian narrative, remove the federal governments involvement, which would essentially cut $4 billion out of the states education budget, while simultaneously giving back full control of the education system to the state government. Joe being the excellent interviewer he is, couldn’t just let that pass without some form of a thoughtful and detailed response from Sharpe. The two became rather hung up on this topic for a long while which was rather frustrating to listen to.

Myself being the rather libertarian minded person I found myself answering Joe’s questions about what to do about this cut in funding out loud, screaming at my computer screen like Don watching a football game on TV, simply jaw dropped by the lack what I would call a rather simple answer. Sharpe did offer some bits and pieces of an answer, but never seemed to form them well enough to satisfy Joe, or myself to be perfectly frank. It led me to think that perhaps it was simply in the way Sharpe speaks, he’s a fast talking New Yorker who can bounce around while trying to get to a point, a point I felt was never reached to satisfaction.

I walked away from the interview thinking that while I may like his ideas, I don’t think he was able to articulate them well enough for everyone to understand them properly, especially those whom would be suspicious or skeptical of the idea from the onset. My own answer to my question will be revealed on the show this week but we would LOVE to hear from you in the comments down below.

If you tell us what your answer is and explain why you think that, I’ll read them out on the show this week! Anonymity is always an option so don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts. Remember, as Jordan Peterson said, “When you have something to say, silence is a lie. And tyranny feeds on lies.”

So here it is one more time. Is a good idea poorly explained still a good idea?

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