Episode 35 of SOS Podcast

On episode 35 Don and Offie go over the New York Times investigation into how the Trump family made their money, the repeal of the death penalty in Washington State, how Sprint decides how much your credit will be, and with intermittent Ducks updates a trip to the grab bag for why polygamy is illegal, a look at the 17th Amendment, FINAL notes on Brett Kavanaugh and the Judiciary Committee and of course SPORTS!!


This episode and all of our others are available on our SoundCloud and every else you can get a podcast, the pre show video for this episode and all of our other videos can be found on our YouTube under Salt of The Streets, look out for the full show video tomorrow afternoon. All inquiries for T Shirts can be made through here or any of our social media. Leave us a rate and review and send us a screen shot and we will give you $5 off your first shirt. Hit us up and you WILL hear back from us.

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