Episode 40 with Special Guest Dave Z

On a very special Episode 40 Don and Offie and are joined by Old Man Dave Z to discuss his legacy in the neoprene world, the differences in being in school in the 60’s compared to today, simple rules to live your life by, why you should ALWAYS be nice to people your are on the phone with, halfway claustrophobia, the roots of MAD and National Lampoons magazine, Asian Pears are far superior to regular ones, culture shocks as a child, and of course, SPORTS!!

This podcast and every other one we have done can be found on our SoundCloud and ANY where else you can get a podcast. This full video for this episode will be available Tomorrow afternoon on our YouTube page where you can find ALL our other videos. Give us a rate and a review where ever you are listening or watching, send us a screenshot and you will get 5$ OFF YOUR FIRST T-SHIRT, which are available now. Inquiries for the shirts can be made through the website or ANY of our social media. Your WILL hear back from us.

Movember is still rolling and Offie and Don are still in full participation. Don is about halfway to his fundraising goal and will be donating more from every pay check he receives during the month of November. The links to donate can be found here (Donavan & Colin) and also on the Salt of The Streets Facebook. Help us do everything we can for Movember and for Mens health.

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