Episode 45 of Salt of The Streets

With a new theme song and the same routine Don and Offie are back and talk about what it’s like to be a son with no father, the withdrawal of troops from Syria and the subsequent resignation of James Mattis, the temporary partial government shutdown , why it is important to understand basic civics, some details from the newly Senate-passed farm bill, the difference between “the wall” and “border security”, the decriminalization of drugs and prostitution, and a healthy SPORTS!!

We want to thank all of the members of Upper Left for their work on our INCREDIBLE new theme song, we couldn’t be any more please with it. You guys are amazing. You can find all of their music on there SoundCloud HERE!

All of our podcast episodes are available on our SoundCloud or ANYWHERE else you can get a podcast. The pre show video can be found on our Facebook as well as on our YouTube with the full show video and all the rest of our video content. The full video for this weeks show will be available tomorrow afternoon.

We have t-shirts for sale and can be inquired about on ANY of our social media. We LOVE feedback so if you leave us a rating and a review wherever you listen to the cast and send us a screenshot, you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST T-SHIRT!

We have also begun to do our weekly blog posts in an AUDIO form to ease the consumption of our material. They generally sit about 10 minutes long and are great for your drive to or from work or while you wait to pick your kids up from school. Look out for it on Thursday, take a listen and let us know.



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