Episode 46 of SOS Podcast!

On this episode Don and Offie take a long look at the government shut down to help breakdown how we got here, whos fault it is and some ideas on how to get us out. Why hydro power is not considered a “green energy”, why the term “the wall” might actually be the problem, what it means to Don to be an American, thoughts of a vacation for the Offies , why Don doesn’t lie and reactions to his last blog post, some things Offie learned and reasons why he went into the Coast Guard, and did anyone know Kim and Kanye had four kids? also a HUGE staff changing SPORTS!!

This week we used some feedback as topics for the show and LOVED it. We love to receive questions be they personal, political, or even advice. You can reach out to us on any of our social media both personal and Salt of The Streets main social media. Let us answer the questions that you have!

This podcast, our audio blog posts and all of our other audio content can be found originally on our SoundCloud and moments after can be found ANYWHERE you can find a podcast including Apple Podcasts. This pre show video was and is always live first on our Facebook and then can be found with the rest of our videos on our YouTube page, including full episode videos.

If you are a fan of our Salt of The Streets gear and want some of your own just INQUIRE WITHIN. You can reach out to us on ANY social media relating to the pod and we WILL answer. We have T-shirts available now and if you rate and review our podcast on your favorite platform and send us a screenshot you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST T SHIRT!

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