Audio Blog: The Dehumanization of the Opposition.

Donavan came back STRONG this week and threw down our latest blog post in an AUDIO FORM to ease your media consumption. Being read by the author is sounds the way it is meant. Coming in at a cool 9 minutes, this audio blog is PERFECT for a quick drive to work or while doing the dishes. Check it out now and let us know what you think!
Find it the same place you get our regular pods, ANYWHERE you can get a podcast.
T-shirts are available and can be purchased through our email or Facebook. If you would like to support the podcast in another way we have Venmo @SaltOfThe-Streets and CashApp @$saltofthestreets
If you leave us a rating and a review on apple podcasts, screenshot it and send us a picture you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST SHIRT. The Shirts are selling quick so get one before stock runs out!

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