Episode 72/Movember Year 4!

Halloween is over and it time again for Movember. This is the 4th year that Donavan has taken part in supporting mens health through the Movember foundation and ahs raised hundreds of dollars to help with that cause. Updates of the progress of the stache can be tracked on the ppod videos, Dons social media and his movember page which you can also use to donate if you so choose. Far too many men fall prey to mens healt issues for no reason. Anything you do can help. Even just grow a mustache.
You can go HERE to donate to Dons Movember Page
On episode 72 Don and Offie continue their breakdown of the impeachment inquiry by breaking down the testimony of several Trump Administration officials, the testimony of Mark Zuckerberg in regards to Libra, and Facebooks decision not to fact check political ads and how it may be a sign of the dissolve of personal responsibility and accountability in America, if we KNOW speech doesn’t cause violence what effect DOES it have on behavior, a 2015 podcast about a gender fluid individual and “the power of categories” and why it can be so confusing, the NCAAs decision to allow student athletes to collect money based on their likeness rights in SPORTS!! and the next two weeks of picks are made.
We have broken down different parts of the impeachment inquiry the last two weeks in Episode 71 and Episode 70.
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