SOS Podcast Episode 73 w/ Michael Barker

We want to start by thanking everyone who donated to Don’s Movember page. With all of your help he was able to SHATTER his $200 goal and end up with a total of $550 for this year and almost $1,500 over the last four years. The mustache may be gone but the memories are not and neither are the long lasting effects of the help you all contributed. Men around the world thank you. NOW LETS LIGHT UP THOSE YULE LOGS!
On a very special episode 74 of Salt of The Streets, Don and Offie are joined by Colins new BFF Michael Barker. With his help they dive DEEP into the world of table top RPG gaming and how it can appeal to everybody, not just nerds, what makes a good game AND a good game master. We learn about how Michael Barker ended up in this career path and how exactly how it works. The crimes and allegations against SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher as well as the chaos that erupted afterward including the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and how the allegations against the SEAL should color your opinion, Tulsi Gabbards recent House Proposal to declassify all of the documents regarding 9/11 and the wisps of fog that still surround it, why podcasts and crowd funding is the medium of the future, the root of a word should dictate the way you pronounce it. The current polling in the Democratic race and a quick look at different policy ideas and how different candidates would affect our country as well as which candidate seems most capable to capture the available Trump voters, and in SPORTS!! Don is actually in support of Kaeps recent actions around his private work out with the NFL and talks of Quarterback movement.HERE are links for all of Michael Barkers different business ventures so that you may support him how you choose!
Onyx Path Publishing: Absolute Tabletop: Up and Die podcast: a Better Game Master: 
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