Episode 77 of Salt of The Streets

We are happy to announce that we have passed another mile stone in listens and it is all thanks to everyone that has come onto the show, listened to the show, and helped support us. You are all incredible and we could not do this without you.
Donavan, Carolina, Jordyn, and Colin.

In episode 77 the blue devil shows its head and then Don and Offie break down the beginnings of the Senate impeachment trial including the initial day of debates on rules, the proceeding days of Democratic presentation and the different ways this process could play out for both parties. Two listener request topics in the form of a local car tab initiative, what it was and why it isn’t working out as planned, as well as the increase of smoking age from 18 to 21 in the United States. In sports!! the Astros cheating scandal and the upcoming SuperBowl.

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