Episode 81- COVID-19 Live Stream

Episode 81 is the audio from Don and Offies COVID-19 live-stream special. The boys take questions and comments while using the many commonly mistaken details about the virus to breakdown and clarify the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic. Starting with coronavirus shopping tips and moving to ground zero of the outbreak and the short-lived deception about its severity in China, the Trump Administrations decision not to use the available WHO coronavirus tests, what we do and do not know about the virus itself, the shortage of personal protective equipment, how it happened and whats being done to fix it, and finally a breakdown of the multi-phase economic stimulus plan, how much it costs, where the money comes from and where it goes.

This live-stream was originally intended to be Salt of The Streets first live show. Because of the occupational limitations and social distancing requirements it was changed to a live stream still hosted by d’Vine Wine Bar in Kingston, Washington. Support your local businesses in this troubling and difficult time for our country.


Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

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