Episode 85: Wild Colt Make the Best Horses

This week we were able to share our first COVID story from Colins brother Chad, in and effort to gain a better understanding of how the virus and the subsequent shutdown have affected the American people. We remain interested in hearing more stories and will continue to have guests for the next few episode. Please continue to reach out and share your story and opinion, your story deserves to be understood. You can reach out to us here or on any of our social media.


Back and better than ever on episode 85, Don and Offie are joined by Colins younger brother Chad. With his help, Don learns more about horses and being a farrier in ten minutes than anyone could have thought possible. Don goes over the way COVID-19 has affected his industry, the ways that companies can step up if they are provided the opportunity, and the less media friendly stories of the virus. The glass window that exposed many examples of government ineptitude including the House of Representatives original refusal to return to DC to do its job, a display of a critical misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment on a state level, and displaying its disconnection from the general public through a substantially weak yet fiscally bloated stimulus package. What the responsibility of a federal Representative and Government could or should be, what it actually is and what the role of the people is in the defense of their own freedoms. The possible social effects of COVID-19 including contact tracing in its many(?) forms, policies at private business, shifts in morals or opinions changing occupational outlooks, increased social friction, and potential lack of faith in American systems. How far personal rights extend into other peoples lives. The response and preparedness of the Department of Education to a COVID like event, whether or not the DOE is beneficial and the ways the current system could be improved to better prepare Americas youth.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.



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