Episode 90:A Revolution of Consciousness

On episode 90 Brandon aka Bgeeezus joins Don and Offie to go over the way the COVID shutdown impacted his life from small things like responsibilities at work to big things like the loss of his 5th year coaching peewee football, something that Brandon will miss dearly but also stands to impact all of the kids who will miss the season. The lessons that Brandon has learned in the last few years not only from coaching, but from playing post-highschool football and beginning a path of personal growth and mental expansion, a new round of COVID related setbacks in Washington State affecting bars/restaurants and the wearing of masks as well as a new misuse of tax payers funds that has Don heated. The pieces rumored to be included in the Phase 4 stimulus bill and the political factions that are holding up the deal. New and incredible music released Friday (7/24) by Upper Left entitled “Evergreen”. Day 59 (at the time of recording) of the riots in Portland outside the federal building and the federal response of unmarked federal officers making apprehensions under the protection of the NDAA and how these actions are technically legal but extremely unconstitutional. Why many politically homeless are struggling to take the Portland riots as a sign of revolution. Child sex trafficking is discussed from the smallest offenders seen on To Catch a Predator, to high power but low notoriety groups like NAMBLA, as well as how this disgusting practice can be verified on many levels, even Washington DC.

For the next few weeks we are asking for some listener assistance, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently but we care about YOUR story. We want to hear about the people the media isn’t talking to or about. DM us, call us, email us, however you feel comfortable reach out to us and tell us your story.

Here is the link to Brandons twitch to watch his streams:

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

@upperleft360 Upper Left on SoundWhip:

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