Episode 112 pt.1 : A War of Attrition

On part 1 of episode 112 Don and Offie start with a brief update of the infrastructure bill working its way through the congress and well as its path forward and potential obstacles. Then the boys break down the U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan as comprehensively as possible, starting by discussing the monetary incentive for mainstream media to express the messages it has about the withdraw, then comparing and contrasting the Afghanistan war and the Vietnam war using a brief yet detailed timeline of the Presidential actions taken during the Vietnam war from Truman to Ford including the reasons the wars started, the ways they were fought and the public opinion around them. Then a deconstruction of all of the mainstream opinions of the withdraw by answering every question they (and the listeners) could think of including what could have been done differently in the withdraw, who deserves credit, who stands to benefit and why, as well as if we should have stayed in Afghanistan longer and if it would had made a difference.

This is part 1 of 2, we were so excited to get back we recorded for 5 hours straight. Thank you for supporting us!

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