Episode 127: Saloon Doors on Its Head

On episode 127 Don and Offie start off local in Part 1 with two Washington State Supreme Court rulings, one further limiting when federal officers can be sued and the other further enshrining racial discrimination into Washington State Law. In Part 2, the leaking of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court relating to Roe v. Wade, including potential motivations, whether the leak itself matters and how to move forward in an increasingly divided nation. In Part 3, a rough breakdown of what we know about the shooting in Uvalde, Texas and then a deep dive into the horrific takes and pushes to disarm the people of America. In Part 4, the grab bag overfloweth with topics including a foiled assassination attempt in Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the public hearings for Jan 6th have commenced and it doesn’t look good.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

Our friends Zeke and Ivan need some help. Their family (and mother in particular) has fallen on some hard times after the death of a loved one. If you are in a position to contribute the link is here, thank you.


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