Episode #135 Every day is Jan 6th

In episode 135 Don and Offie start with a ransomware debacle ensnaring a local medical center that houses the only ER for miles, and finish by going over the voters’ pamphlets for Kitsap County and Washington State. In Part 2 Don goes over and breaks down the Corp media narrative around Jan 6, covering many of the inconsistencies and lies involved in the hearings, as well as the newly started jury trial for 5 members of the Oathkeepers and what implications it may carry for the liberty minded among us. In Part 3 Colin goes over ESG scores and scoring, from what it is and what its used for to how it could be used in the future and the systems that may grow out of it. In Part 4, the grab bag consists of Ukraine update, racist ESPN reporters and sketchy kids TV.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

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