Back to Basics with Episode 41

This week Don and Offie take it back to their political roots and go over the latest on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi (which we covered originally in Episode 36), the CIAs findings and the Presidents response to it, in Trumpy Things the recent subpoenas of James Comey and Loretta Lynch and why this is happening now, and in the Grab Bag; how the Russians DID have their hands in your pie, Shapiro is better on other peoples shows, the new NASA Mars rover, 6ix9ine and why he is stupid, and of course SPORTS!!

White House Statement from the President of the United States

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Thanksgiving 2018 Blog Post

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. On account of the holiday, which is one of my favorites, I decided I would take a break from my 12 Rules for Life series and go over something that has been on my mind for the last few weeks.

As cliche as it is, we have about a million things to be thankful for and the holiday season is for celebrating family and all that you have to be thankful for. Now I love my family more than anything, but that’s not what I want to talk about today. The thing I am thankful for today, is free speech. That’s a pretty general idea, because free speech can cover so many different things and is used differently by so many people that share this inalienable right.

I have talked on the show before about a particular line from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s  book, “12 Rules For Life”, the book I have been doing my blog post series on the last few months. The line is ” When you have something to say, silence is a lie. And tyranny feeds on lies.”, and when I read this line, it genuinely almost brought me to tears. I have never heard or read a single idea that I hold more true in my life, and I was then filled with overwhelming pride and patriotism for living in a country where free speech is guaranteed and protected for every human being born in this country, or legally immigrated and nationalized here.

I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t honest. And I don’t mean just in the sense of not lying, but I am honest with myself. I am and always have been the type of person to follow my gut. Everything from a conversation with a superior at work to a mushroom trip, if it doesn’t feel right in my stomach I don’t do it. All of my actions and choices are things I will have to live with from the moment I execute them through the end of my life and I take that very seriously. Guilt is a fuel for my life. It’s a feeling I have never found a way to eradicate once it has infected my soul so I do everything to lead a life where I can avoid it, even by not leaving things unsaid.

That’s the part that I think I took most from this particular line from Dr. Peterson’s book, don’t keep yourself silent. That isn’t to say that there isn’t a place or time to have certain conversations, but they should be had and in an expedient manner. Having a family fight at your place of employment is not a good idea if you would like to continue to be employed there. But if you had a friend, or even worse a family member, who is treating you poorly then what do you have to lose by speaking up? Nothing. And at the end of the day YOU are the one that will have to deal with the feelings that resulted from that mistreatment. If your husband/wife is short and snappy when they get stressed out and YOU don’t like it, why should you not speak up? Why should you be subject to mistreatment? These are feelings that YOU will have to deal with.

Injustices is a word I use often, which sounds probably a little bit douchey. But for me it is an umbrella term that I use to describe anything that violates my fairly well-defined morals or gives me that stomach-sinking feeling I have only ever been able to relate or compare to guilt. That can be anything from poor treatment by a partner or family member like I was talking about, to blatant and disgusting corruption in the government, to being kicked out of Dave and Busters because Justin Bieber wanted to rent the place out. It’s things like these, Injustices, that I don’t think people should be silent about. That’s the ideal that got Colin and I into this podcast. That’s the ideal that leads people to be very selective of the time and subjects in which they ask for my opinion. It’s the ideal that leads me to not get along with people who speak with little insight or information into what they are speaking about.

A lot of people I have come across may enjoy this quality as an idea but not exactly the way it looks or feels when done. It’s almost never easy. To this day even when I get that guilty feeling and know I have to do or say something, I feel conflicted. It is simply a matter of self preservation to not want to have conversations with people that they probably won’t enjoy or to put yourself in an uncomfortable position, but that doesn’t make it right. The right thing to do is almost never easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

I’m not saying this is the right thing to do because it probably isn’t for everybody. It isn’t going to make you friends all of the time. A lot of times it is really really frustrating to identify and be bothered to care about the injustices you see in the world, but keep your eyes open makes it easier to see what you can do to help correct them, and that’s what honesty is to me. It’s not only something I can do to keep myself sane and guilt free, but I’m becoming increasingly certain that it’s what I can do for other people. So on this day of thanks I am going to break the mold and ask for something from everyone reading this; Be honest with someone today. If someone is rude to you because of an event you didn’t cause, be understanding but tell them that is not acceptable. If you hear someone say something you KNOW is incorrect (especially politically) say something. Correct them because it could change their mind. If you feel strongly that Saudi Arabia is not a place where America should have money and that The President is wrong, tell someone who challenges that idea.

People are surprisingly accepting of almost anything you tell them, as long as you say it the right way. Say it with confidence and care and concern, not with anger or spite. Be honest not to prove someone wrong or put them down, but for self preservation. YOU are the one that has to live with your choices and feelings. YOU have to decide if you were true to yourself and your morals. Honesty in all areas of life is liberating. And so I will leave you with the same line that has inspired me so deeply before I had even read it, but once articulated and presented to me I knew was to be my mantra for life. “If you have something to say, silence is a lie. And tyranny feeds on lies.”


Episode 40 with Special Guest Dave Z

On a very special Episode 40 Don and Offie and are joined by Old Man Dave Z to discuss his legacy in the neoprene world, the differences in being in school in the 60’s compared to today, simple rules to live your life by, why you should ALWAYS be nice to people your are on the phone with, halfway claustrophobia, the roots of MAD and National Lampoons magazine, Asian Pears are far superior to regular ones, culture shocks as a child, and of course, SPORTS!!

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Episode 39 of Salt of The Streets!

Don is out sick on this episode 39 of Salt of The Streets and to help Offie fill in he is joined by the ginger ninja herself, Morgan. The two go over the recent ousting of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (0:48:00), the outcomes of the midterm elections both local and nationwide (0:07:00) and a quick trip into the SPORTS arena to honor their fallen friend.

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“12 Rules For Life” Series, Part 7

I am halfway ashamed to admit that this is the last chapter I will be able to write about from memory. For a whole lot of not good enough reasons I put down this book and started this blog post series partially as a way to force myself to finish it. Even with the zero people I am convinced read my blog posts I still feel some form of responsibility to these posts.

Odd as it is, I think this chapter is the reason as to why I keep this up. Rule number 7 in 12 rules for life is ” pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)”. I feel this can be broken down to be a little easier to understand by saying ” the easiest option isn’t always what’s best”. Something I am reminding myself of very frequently, as of late.

The longer Colin and I continue this journey, the stronger I feel that this is what I am supposed to be doing. But also, the longer we stick with this the more difficult it becomes. We spend more money, invest more time, try harder and do more things. All of this done with the idea that we will eventually be able to do this ALL the time. To do this AS our jobs. And the longer all of that continues, obviously the harder it gets. But on Saturdays, when I’m in the chair in the studio sitting next to Offie and providing information that people are asking for and exposing political ties I feel people need to see, I know this is what I should be doing.

I spend 45 hours, roughly, a week doing the auditory research for this show. On top of that I read all of the articles that I do, put together all of my notes for the show, semi-manage our social media, and then show up on Saturday to do the show, all on top of the personal and family things I need to get done, (did I mention I have baby on the way?). When I don’t want to hear anymore about political dissidents being killed or entire groups of people being dismissed by others, don’t want to talk for 3 hours or do anything besides sit in my MeUndies, smoke weed and play Madden, I have to take a step back and remember that the easy path is not always the best.

In all of the interviews I have heard with athletes and millionaires, business men and musicians, none of them ever said it was easy. A lot of them will give credit to luck or to God or the other people around them that helped them get there because no one does it alone, but none of them ever say it was easy. Even regular people who own a small business or even just become manager somewhere that they love, the journey is almost never easy.

Everyone is provided with opportunities on their path to quit or to undercut someone or just in general take the easy way out, but that will always come back to bite you. Even if everything works out for you, on the whole, because you have taken those easy breaks and gained from them, at the end of the day you did not allow yourself to take hold of the true opportunity to learn a work ethic strong enough to get you to your goals. If something DOES happen that places you in a spot of adversity and your easy breaks no longer benefit you, you will not have the will to stick with something long enough and to work through the muck and the grime to get to the real prize.

This rule in the end I think is one that most people know but, like me, could stand to be reminded of everyone once in a while. It can be hard for a lot of people, especially in this new generation, to be able to see that work is not the point of life. While the work ethic is one of the main benefits from struggling through adversity it is not the true goal. There is a balance between work and play that can be hard to strike and can be slightly different for everyone, but I have no issue with saying that no matter what your journey, no matter what your path, on your way to the goal pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient.

Episode 38 / Movember Announcement

Episode 38 takes Don and Offie down the path of another listener request topic and cover the roots and possible effects of the current migrant caravan being covered in the media, the Trump and administrations announcement of a new definition of gender and the backlash around it, and in the grab bag we cover the Squirrel Hill shooting, a coon man named Festus, Shaun White as Simple Jack, and as always a jam packed SPORTS!!

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Don and Offie and both participating in Movember which is a charity that focuses on mens health and was detailed in this weeks episode. To donate it our name you can follow THIS link or search either of our names on the website. Help us do what we can to affect mens health

Tomorrow is the last day to vote and we cannot ask anyone enough times to vote. The way you vote on your local initiatives DIRECTLY affects the things that happen around you including how much your taxes are and where the money goes. In Episode 37 we went over the initiatives on our local ballot and can’t recommend enough that everyone does the same.

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Episode 37 is dropping!

This week on episode 37 Don and Offie cover President Trumps decision and announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from the INF Treaty with Russia, the initiatives up for vote on Washington States mid-terms this year, and in the grab bag we discuss the recent pipe bombs that were mailed to prominent left-leaning public figures, hunting adrenaline in even the most experienced hunters, how many games to start a winning streak, and is Demon House legit? and as always, a quick SPORTS!!


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