Episode 68 of Salt of The Streets Podcast!

On episode 68 Don and Offie remind us that the Democratic candidates don’t HAVE to make the next debates to continue to run, a recent New York Times article regarding the different “players” in the gun industry and Walmarts recent decision on guns and ammunition in their stores, Don and Offie arrive at similar conclusionsContinue reading “Episode 68 of Salt of The Streets Podcast!”

Episode 67 is LIVE!

After the 2 week break Don and Offie kick it off with conversation around the History Channel show ‘Alone’, the common understanding of The Green New Deal and what it actually is the Washington State recreational cannabis industry and new expansions being discussed, being a moderate is not a bad thing, The Democratic Candidates thatContinue reading “Episode 67 is LIVE!”

Audio Blog: The Dehumanization of the Opposition.

Donavan came back STRONG this week and threw down our latest blog post in an AUDIO FORM to ease your media consumption. Being read by the author is sounds the way it is meant. Coming in at a cool 9 minutes, this audio blog is PERFECT for a quick drive to work or while doingContinue reading “Audio Blog: The Dehumanization of the Opposition.”

The Dehumanization of The Opposition

The intense partisan divide in this country along political lines is frequently discussed, and attributed to various different causes. Especially in the case of the recent El Paso shooting, the cause is often stated to be The President, the NRA, any number of different groups or individuals and can change depending on the issue atContinue reading “The Dehumanization of The Opposition”