Episode 62 with guests Jake and Morgan

This week Don and Offie are joined by special guests Jake and Morgan, and together they discuss the merits of psychedelics when used correctly, the places and methods in which to dispose of a corpse, the viability of being a farrier, the technicalities of being best friends with your partner, Jake and Morgans take on the Swallwell gun ban, some of the many reasons that you should NEVER drink and drive, the consistent disappointment of EA, hidden driveways and pizza deliveries, and to finish the day the best and worst movies from the group.

Episode 23 was the first episode in which Jake and Morgan joined us as a couple, it was also Colins birthday!

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Episode 61 of Salt of The Streets Podcast

On episode 61, the grab bag rears it ugly head and spits out a myriad of topics including the recent resignation of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, two more ships are attacked in the Persian Gulf further raising tensions between the US and Iran, further steps in the contempt cases in the House Committees, the pros and cons of Kamala Harris as a candidate and the dishonest treatment of Andrew Yang on ‘Deconstructed’, the dropping of charges in regards to the ‘Flint Water Crisis’ and AOC begins her process of selling out  right before a quick SPORTS!!

Episode Links:

Episode 58: Oil ships bombed in the Persian Gulf

Episode 13: Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal


Episode 56: Talk about some of the Democratic Candidates (Harris discussed for sure)

Episode 54: More breakdown of the Democratic Candidates

Episode 53: Democratic Candidate breakdown (Yang discussed for sure)



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Episode 60 of Salt of The Streets!

On a big and bold episode 60 Don and Offie a CPL is finally acquired, the break down of the infrastructure rose garden press conference, the resignation and closing of the special counsels office and the possible outcomes from it (impeachment). Why the obstruction part of the Mueller report is not the most important part, the importance of an active role in informed political discourse, the beginning of the ongoing trade war with China, the agricultural implications the trade war carries and how it can (and will) effect you. And in the grab bag a new cell phones begins to dominate the market, Eric Swalwells plan for a forced buy back of fire arms, the charging of a parkland cop, and in SPORTS!! basketball is finally acknowledged and a Seahawks schedule breakdown.

Episode Links!

Episode 4: We talked about guns in schools.

Episode 23: Small gun debate with Jake and Morgan

We have discussed guns and gun policy many times on this show but in these episode we DEFINITELY did. PLEASE let us know if you run across more that we can link to.


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Episode 59, Memorial Day 2019

Today we won’t do our normal episode announcement. We do, in fact, have an episode releasing today but that is not and should not be the focus. Today I want to focus on the labor.

Memorial Day is meant to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces and have not returned to tell the tale or receive the honor they deserve, but so few are truly granted. These brave men and women have willingly served and given their lives so we as a country, Colin and I included, are able to do the things we want; the fallen have given us our safety and protected our ability to discuss political policy and exercise the rights we hold so dear.

Colin and I speak often and very favorably of our Armed Forces, not only because Colin has served, but because they are the first and last line of defense to everything our country stands for. Every day we take advantage of the rights provided to us in the constitution without remembering who it is that protects and ensures them. So much that a day is set aside to help remind everyday civilians of this fact and still many people believe it to be an excuse to simply camp and drink with an extra day for the weekend.

I would challenge and implore every one reading, and those you know as well, to think more of what guarantees your rights here in America. Regardless of your personal positions on political both local and global, it is those who have given their lives willingly that got us where we are today. Presidents and politicians have visual effect on the path of our country but in the end it is those who gave their lives that made our country, and its people, what we are today.

So I will leave with this; take more than one day a year to remember those who got you where you are today. Not your parents or our spouse, but the soldiers, the men and women who gave their lives for you and for this country. Every day the members of our Armed Forces deserve our respect and appreciation, because there are 22 too many who lose their lives as a result of their service and many many more who are forgotten by the system and government they served. They should not be forgotten by those they served for. Remember why you are here.


Episode 58!

After a very contentious week Don and Offie sit down and talk about the intensely controversial new abortion laws and Alabama, Georgia and several other states and what their intention and possible legal effects could be, the expansion of the powers of the Executive a recent uptick in aggression between Iran and the United States and how it relates to involvement with Saudi Arabia , the new merit based immigration plan that President Trump announced in a rose garden speech this week, GOT and possible theories for the fate of Westeros and farewell is said to Doug Baldwin as we negligently forget Playoff Basketball in a football filled SPORTS!!


Here are some links that may be helpful for this weeks episode!

Episode 45: Troop withdrawal from Syria

Next week we will be continuing our conversation on the recent abortion laws with a special guest to help make sure we look at it from all angles. If you have any specific questions of comments regarding this topic, let us know. We are always open to topic requests of any kind, political or not.

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Episode 57 is LIVE!

After another week off for family time Don and Offie wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. The two break down the Senate Testimony of AG Bill Barr, the skipped house hearing, the subsequent contempt hearing and the narratives and facts behind it all! Venezuela is revisited to discuss the growing unrest and the regime change that may be to come. After all the serious stuff we give some serious spoiler as we break down GOT and what the hawks will do with new DE Ziggy Ansah in a big fat SPORTS!!

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Here are some previous Episodes that could help give some context to what we talked about this week:

Episode 54: Bill Barrs letter about the Mueller Report

Episode 51: Background on the Venezuelan Situation

Episode 48: Also covers unrest in Venezuela

The topics and confusion around them are growing and growing. It took us a majority of the show this week to break down the Mueller/Barr scenario that unraveled over only 2 weeks, but don’t be afraid. That’s what we are here for. If there is ANYTHING going on, political or not, that you don’t understand then let us know. Lets us help and do some research for you.

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Full Wife Brag Blog

First of all, Happy First Mothers Day to my amazing wife. Dax and I could not make it without you.

I began this piece over and over about 20 times  because I it just sounded like bragging. And then I thought; why wouldn’t I want to brag? So I decided, fuck it. This blog post is about my wife, and it’s a full brag. No humble, no half, full brag. My wife is the best, and I’m going to tell you why.

I know I have said before, but the last few months have been some of the most challenging I have ever dealt with and I think the same goes for Jordyn. It’s been confusing and frustrating and stressful, but I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help me undertake this venture. When Jordyn and I 10 years ago I was obsessed with her, but even then I wouldn’t have told you we would get married. It wouldn’t be have been good if we were together then. We were very different people then we were then (as everyone should be) and had we got together then we would definitely not be together today.

None of what I’m going to say is to discredit myself because I work insanely hard. Due to the fact that, people have been having babies for so long, being a stay at home mom can be downplayed to a dangerous degree. I work, in some fashion, 7 days a week. If I don’t wake up naturally early Saturday then there is not a single day during the week I DON’T wake up to an alarm. I work between 45 and 50 hours a week of conventional work and then come home and do more research for the show while I catch up on chores.. Sounds exhausting right? I still think Jordyn’s job is harder.


When we first got home i was working dad overtime even before going back to work. Because Jordyn had had a C section, she was slow moving and slow to get off the couch to get the baby. So for those first couple of weeks I did a lot of up and down and pretty much everything besides feed him. And when he WOULDN’T nurse I did that as well. But now Dax is almost 4 months old and in the last few weeks as he has established his schedule and Jordyn got back to 100% health, she flourished.

Just like my wife, I fall more and more in love with our son, Dax, everyday. I love coming home to him at the end of the day, I love the smile on his face and the little noises he is starting to make. He is perfect. But he also LOVES the sound of his own voice at a very high volume. That is not perfect. For reasons I am still trying to conjure into literary existence, I have a much shorter frustration fuse than my wife. When dax decides to show off his singing voice, Jordyn is good to go for 30 minutes when, I’m in for about 10-15 before I need a break. Jordyn’s skill is undeniable.

Those first few weeks I was shining. Working and then coming home, cleaning the house before, during, and after making dinner, and at the same time loving my baby and wife. Jordyn was extremely exhausted from giving birth to Dax, I felt like I should be doing MORE, but she disagreed. I never doubted how well Jordyn would adapt to being a mother, she has never given me a single reason to and my confidence only grew when Dax arrived.

Besides the occasional rough day with Dax, I literally have to ask her to leave the housework for me to do. She says because I’m working on Dax’s room and do yard work on top of working, I shouldn’t have to do things inside as well. (On a side note, while writing this I took a break to give the baby a bath. We finished up and is started putting him to sleep and after he screamed for 10 minutes, I got too hot and Jordyn had him to sleep in less than 5. Super mom.) She breast feeds, so she is the one that feeds him at night and almost always gets up with him. She makes me go to bed by 10 because I wake up at 4 and she wants me to get my rest. She brings Dax to my work at least once a week so that I don’t miss them as much and I can show off my son.

It doesn’t stop at just the standard mom affair I detailed above. The emotions that come with having a child cannot be explained. At the risk of sounding extremely dramatic as well as cocky, I feel very confident with how in touch I am with my emotions and how well I am generally able to process. However, the changes I am experiencing emotionally is not something I have been able to verbalize or quantify with anyone including my incredible wife. The only emotional hurdle I’ve seen her really really struggle with is leaving the baby for extended periods of time, which is more than understandable.
My wife suffers from severe but not debilitating anxiety. During this period of extreme change SHE has been the stable one.  She has talked me off the proverbial ledge about a dozen times, she is constantly vigilant of the skewed way I seem to see the world and how to get through to me before I get in my own head. She knows just the right balance of allowing me to feel how I feel and work through it, while not allowing it to hinder the progression of our lives. I could not have imagined this is how it would be. I also could not be any luckier to have the partner I have.

None of this really went the way we expected. The C section wasn’t planned, the extra week I had to take off of work wasn’t planned. We didn’t think we would have a baby who doesn’t like to take naps and has a stomach just has bad as ours. We didn’t expect Jordyn to have trouble nursing in the beginning, and definitely didn’t expect the fits of inconsolable crying. It all caught us off guard. For two very scheduled people it could have been a death sentence, but the truly insane adaptivity of a mother was shown to me, through my wife. She is astounding.

She isn’t perfect, but neither am I. I leave things at home and talk too loud. I’m really really intense and if I get too upset I’m dead to the world. The positive aspects and items in the “pro” column of this relationship so vastly and innumerable outweigh the negatives, they aren’t even worth mentioning. When we were 15 we weren’t the people we are today. For a long time it made me mad that I couldn’t be with Jordyn, but I see now that we aren’t the same people we were then. We needed that time to grow so that we could prepare ourselves for each other.  As hard as it was then, and can be now, to be patient for the right moment or right person to come along, Jordyn was worth the wait. Happy Mother’s Day.