Episode 51 is HERE!

On episode 51 Don and Offie go over the Michael Cohen hearing along with the new and continued allegations raised during the testimony, as well as whether or not he CAN be believed, Don rephrases some of his comments on the fan letter last week, both narratives in the current political unrest in Venezuela, Alex Jones on JRE is a gift to everyone, the summit in Vietnam and the products of it (or lack there of), why the ISIS brides are really a matter of opinion in patriotism, R. Kelly, Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, and a DESTROYED Cowboys D line on a urine fueled SPORTS!!

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HERE is the episode a few weeks ago where we discussed Venezuela.

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Back to Work Blog Post 2/28/2019

I love my job. It’s very strange and very particular, and makes me feel valued when I get frustrated and take a step back to look at it. I am like Liam Neeson in the way I have a very particular set of skills, except mine won’t translate as well when I’m done working here. I don’t want to go deep in depth about my job here but if you are curious about it check out episode #40 where we interviewed Dave Z and talked quite a bit about what we do to make money.

At the risk of sounding like a douche by saying “ nothing is the same since I have had a kid “, it’s true. Very few things are the same since Dax was born. The three weeks I took off were rad but at the end I did kind of miss work if only because I got so used to doing it all the time, but I was and am happy to be back. I didn’t forget anything major, which was a concern, and was able to step right back into the swing of things. But I FEEL different being here. I get bored way easier. Like, much much easier. Maybe bored isn’t even the right word but uncaptivated is too generous to how captivated I was before by my work.

That’s normal, I know that, to not always be fully enjoying what you are doing but it leads to being much more easily distracted. It’s even carried over into the podcast, albeit to a lesser degree. I attribute that to the fact that I feel very passionate about what we are doing here and enjoy and also need the conversations that Colin and I have every week. There are not many places I can openly, freely, and confidently talk about the things we talk about.  It’s a release for me and an opportunity I didn’t often get before we started the pod.

I shared with my wife today, and put into words for the first time, that one of the things that has changed for me is my work. I no longer feel fulfilled by my work like I did before. I’m not able to plug in and tune out like I was before Dax was born. I’m not sure what to attribute that to yet. Whether it’s just the time I took off work, still getting used to my new life or that my priorities have shifted completely.

I’m not going to start looking for a new job or anything, especially before I figure out why I’m feeling this way, but this new lack of fulfillment has further solidified for me that I will probably have to find something new to do to have the life style I want. It has also further solidified for me that the podcast is probably the way to do that. If I want to be able to be with my family as much I can, want to try and do what I can to change and improve the world around me, and want to be able to express myself, have honest, thought provoking and idea challenging conversations, then building this podcast to a point where my life and the life of my family and co host can be supported is the best option I have.

That’s been the whole point of this from the beginning. For us to have an outlet for ourselves and thoughts that we felt people could benefit from, and if we can support ourselves or even thrive while we are doing it then that’s even better. I’m not sure exactly what I expected it to be like this first year. I certainly didn’t expect to be making money one year in (which we aren’t), and I don’t know that I even expected people to be listening. I suppose in that sense I’m exactly where I thought I would be.

Starting a business is hard, which in the end is what we are doing. And I think starting a business in your 20s is particularly hard because you don’t know who you are yet. I feel confident and blessed that I was able to begin to get a grip on who I am this early. That I even have a clue. I have a lot of people to thank for that.

Myself partially for working and making mistakes but not ever giving up no matter how bad I wanted to so many times. I also have to thank my mom for birthing me and giving me a shot at life, and then for doing an excellent job raising me. My grandma for doing the latter. My sister for teaching me to deal with difficult people. My wife for always pushing me and supporting me through anything I want to do. Even make mistakes. Colin for joining me and again pushing me to try my hardest and challenge my own thinking up until this point. And now finally my son. For changing my life and forcing me into a reality point of what I need to do with myself.

I want to run a media network. One that we started. I want people working for us and reporters in the White House press room. I want to read news from my journalists that is breaking, and that is vital to the American public. I want to take that news and report, along side my good buddy Colin, every single day of the week. I want people to trust our name, because they know that we won’t lie and neither will our journalists. And most of all I want to do it honestly, so that my son can see that it’s possible. For helping me get here mentally I can never thank any of these people enough. All I can do, is DO IT. All I can do is work and strive and yearn for success until I achieve it. I can reach these goals and dreams to show my son and my family and my loved ones that their time was not wasted. To succeed is the only way to repay those who showed faith in me and there for my only option.

From here I use the advice of Dr. Jordan Peterson. The best way to achieve a large goal, is to set small ones that are a pathway to the large one. So now, I reframe my thinking. I need to look at my job as the incredible opportunity that it is that provides me with everything I need to support my family and support the podcast until the podcast itself does that. I need to use the time I have and make the most of it and do research for the podcast. Use my lunch to write my blog posts (which is what I’m doing right now) and try and get my name out there, to try and get OUR name out there. People want what we are offering. They just don’t know it yet. Somethings people know that they want. Cures to diseases. TV whenever they want. Pizza delivery. And some things they don’t. Like honest news and cold. Hard. Facts.

Episode 50 of Salt of The Streets Podcast

On a very big episode 50, Don and Offie address some concerns expressed by a viewer  with a small look into how Don sees the Government, break down the Green New Deal  and the positives, negatives, and inconsistencies, a little about The Bern and why we WON’T be going over any candidates yet, why Amazon is pulling out of New York and why it may or may not be a bad thing , big picture thoughts about money, socialism, taxes, and intersectionality, and a Pats filled SPORTS!!

HERE is the link for the episode where we covered the “Amazon” or “Head” tax that was passed and then repealed in Seattle.

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Dons Valentines BlogPost 2/14/2019

I am finally back. I want to start with an insane shout out to my partner in crime in these affairs for being about the best business partner one could ask for. Not only did he check up on me all the time, he covered several blog posts for me and intended to cover an episode until that unruly brother of his took him on a duck hunt. But who can blame him.

As of right now, Dax is 3 weeks and two days old. Jordyn is feeding him while we watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” while I write this post. This three weeks has been… the most trying of my entire life. I never lacked respect before, but now have a new found respect for everyone who has children that have made into adulthood happy and healthy. I have already started to learn things as a father and also had to learn some things for myself that people had already tried to warn me about.

When you have a baby everyone has advice or their own story. Some of that stuff is really helpful. Weird ways they burped their baby or something like that which may come in handy. Also if you have a boy, he will pee on you. And then you will make sure he is covered always. But he will still get you.

One of the things that always caught me was that so many men told me that the moment I held my baby everything would change for me. That women are mothers when they find out they are pregnant and men are fathers when they hold their child. I looked forward to that.

When Dax was born I didn’t experience that instant feeling that everyone talked about. I don’t know if it’s because I was so tired or it didn’t go exactly as we planned or what, but I didn’t feel that and then was nervous. This is all so new and I didn’t know and still don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. All I can do is what feels natural.

I took three weeks off of work and had a fair amount of time to think about what I wanted or whatever was on my mind. And it took until the third week for me to figure it out. Dax has some days where he is inconsolable. The nurses at our local hospital call it “the phase of purple crying“ and gave us a DVD to help us deal with it. It essentially breaks down that sometimes your baby just cries, and there isn’t anything to be done. Eventually you have done everything but the baby is still upset and it’s easy to get frustrated or upset with yourself because you might think you are doing something wrong, when really you aren’t.

So it’s in the middle of one of these days where I’m trying to let Jordyn get some sleep because she is up every time he wants to eat which can be exhausting. So I’m holding my baby who is screaming at the top of his lungs and has been for 45 minutes, and that’s when it hits me. I know I love him because I wouldn’t accept this behavior from anyone else. Not even my wife. I would just walk away for a while or if it was someone else’s child I would never watch them again.

But when Dax is this upset, as frustrated as I am, all I want is for him to be happy. I want him to be calm so he can sleep and eat and be fulfilled. But it’s not just with this behavior, it’s with everything. Right now in my area we have an average of about 9” of snow and anyone else I would force to go places with me if I wanted them to. My son, I didn’t want to even leave the house if he didn’t have to. I’m limiting the small children I bring my baby around because I am afraid for him to get sick when he is this young. I told my mom yesterday that all I want for him right now is to be safe.

I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say the love you have for your child is indescribable. I don’t mean that in the cliche way like “oh man it’s just so intense I can’t even describe it“. I mean I don’t understand it. Being a father to a newborn is something that is foreign to me in the way my brain works. I have lots of experience with babies and newborns, but spending 3 weeks straight with something that makes no logical sense is extremely difficult to even really comprehend when you live your life based on logic. Because the behavior of a baby is not dictated by any logic past eating, pooping, and sleeping. On my best days I can be very understanding, but on my worst days at 2:30 in the morning? Not always the case.

As I watch my son flail his arms around and every so often slap himself because he doesn’t even know that his hands are attached to his body, I am astounded. Astounded that human beings brains are so wildly complex that we can begin as creatures that are barely sentient and learn and grown and evolve in just a few decades to put people in space or learn to put someone’s face on someone else’s body. It instills an appreciation for people that I did not have before, but now do not think I will ever lose.

I cannot wait to see Dax grow up and choose a path for his life so that I can say that I have seen the entire scope of his progression of intelligence, at least as much as I could. I’m sure when he is an adult I will eat those words and want this time back when he relied on us and was actually comforted by us instead of annoyed by us. Right now I just try to take it day by day and make sure I am doing everything I can to do my best everyday.

Donavan Phillips

Episode 46 of SOS Podcast!

On this episode Don and Offie take a long look at the government shut down to help breakdown how we got here, whos fault it is and some ideas on how to get us out. Why hydro power is not considered a “green energy”, why the term “the wall” might actually be the problem, what it means to Don to be an American, thoughts of a vacation for the Offies , why Don doesn’t lie and reactions to his last blog post, some things Offie learned and reasons why he went into the Coast Guard, and did anyone know Kim and Kanye had four kids? also a HUGE staff changing SPORTS!!

This week we used some feedback as topics for the show and LOVED it. We love to receive questions be they personal, political, or even advice. You can reach out to us on any of our social media both personal and Salt of The Streets main social media. Let us answer the questions that you have!

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BlogPost 1/3/2019: Fatherhood Approaches

On the show this week I had said I was going to do my blog post on a book by Toni Morrison that my Grandma had asked me to read. I changed my mind. Not because of the book, because it was pretty alright, but because my mind has been consumed with the incoming arrival of Dax in all arenas. Offie and I talked in the intro of this weeks’ show about part of what has been on my mind and I decided I would expand on that instead so that this isn’t just a forced piece of writing.

Without harping on it too much or trying to make myself sound special, growing up without a father is something that affected me in many ways as a child and continues to affect me today. When I look back on it now, I don’t think I realized how much it affected me when I was a child. My parents were divorced when I was 2, and I think I was 5 when he moved from Washington to Oregon and then eventually to Arizona where he lives now. I have some memories from when he lived here, getting ice cream in his big blue truck, him working on his big blue truck, him helping us move into our house on Quinault, one fight between him and my Mom, and then my next memories are from visiting him in Arizona.

I think I was 7 or 8 the first time my sister and I went to visit my Dad, and I was either 9 or 10 the first time I went by myself because my Sister had begun to learn of the skeletons in my Dads closet that I was too young to be told about. So I continued to visit my father by myself until I learned those same secrets. I can’t honestly say I learned much in the times I DID visit. I wasn’t really into sports when I was a kid but not because of my Dad not being around and I can’t honestly attest to whether or not he would have made me if he was around so that wasn’t a traditional aspect I missed out on, but I did feel it early.

There are the more traditional male things that I missed out on like being shown how to properly do yard work, learning how to work on cars or use power tools, maybe being shown guns and made more comfortable around them. I don’t like to focus on this too much because I honestly don’t know my Dad well enough to know if he would have taught me these things if he WAS around. But if he IS into those things, I could maybe have been made comfortable with them sooner or been exposed to them in a safer environment than I was.

This may be totally unconnected but to this day I am apprehensive but eventually comfortable using big power saws and tools. This first gun I saw was one shown to be by someone I will not disclose, but the gun was not registered to them and had been used in a crime. Someone had to show me how to change a tire the first time mine went flat when I was 18. The things I know about cars are limited to the things I have had to fix on my own. I did yard work poorly for years because I was just told to do it and not generally given instructions, because the women in my house didn’t want to do that.

Outside of these are the things that people may not think about or could possibly take for granted. There is a healthy list of things that were decided to be my responsibility when I was growing up “Because you have a penis” and that is a quote directly from my mother. That didn’t make sense at the time, and felt like an excuse for me to do something none of the women in my house wanted to. There are all kinds of things NOW I won’t let my wife do because I feel they are my job as a male: picking up dead animal gifts left by our cats, picking up cat or dog vomit in the house, mowing the yard, washing the cars, etc… It took me years of this being explained to me by OTHER peoples fathers that there are just somethings that you are supposed to do for your wife and the women you love, but without it being presented in the right way and by the right person, it doesn’t make the impression it should.

I now understand that these things, these responsibilities of a man, CAN be learned from a woman and can even be better learned that way. But it takes the maturity and objectivity of a grown person, that which a child is not old or experienced enough to comprehend, to understand and be able to see the difference that I was not. That even though my mother and I communicate in vastly different ways and that what she was saying to me WAS that these things are things a man should do and I would eventually have to do for my wife, I just didn’t perceive it that way. I was not able to separate the person telling me with the information I was receiving.

Hard as it was to deal with learning to be a man without what I perceived as anyone to teach me to be a man, as I said I am now able to look back at my upbringing with my Sister, Mother, and Grandmother and see the valuable lessons I was able to learn. Easiest to remember and probably guess, I always felt incredibly comfortable around women. From family to strangers to girls that I had feelings for, I never had or really even understood the problems other boys my age had with talking to girls they liked. It was always first nature to me to speak the same “language” that the teenage girls I was courting did. I was open and honest with how I felt and unafraid to show my feelings (which was actually a very convenient cover for not being able to CONTROL my feelings). This coupled with my large stature and natural gift with words is largely how I got my beautiful wife.

On top of this I was around to hear the stories from my Sister, Mom and Grandmother of their boyfriends, husbands and ex husbands and the grave mistakes and missteps they had made, but also of the things they loved the most and would never forget. I can promise you I learned more from the bad stories than the good. And the older I get, the more boyfriends my sister has and the more stories I hear from my Mom about my Dad, or from my Grandma about the incredible man that my Grandpa was and how proud he would be of me for who I have become and who I have been able to shape myself into.

There is no doubt, as I told Colin this week on the show, that if my Dad or Grandpa were around my life would be drastically different. Shaping my image of what I think a man should be or the man I want to be may or may not have been easier, that I can’t know for sure. Learning some of the skills I am learning now, or the skills I WANTED to learn may have been easier. That I can’t know for sure. What I DO know for sure is that everyday, the confidence I have in my ability to be a strong father to Dax grows. The doubt and hesitation I felt when the discussions of fatherhood began, are largely mitigated.

While I see extreme value in the presence of a steady father in the raising of a child, I recognize now that in that lack of such father, it is simply necessary for the correct roles, responsibilities, and skills to be imprinted on a young man in a way that they can be recalled when proper growth and maturity has been reached. It is vital that the child be raised with the understanding of what being a strong man, husband, and father means and for that, a father is not always required.

Episode 45 of Salt of The Streets

With a new theme song and the same routine Don and Offie are back and talk about what it’s like to be a son with no father, the withdrawal of troops from Syria and the subsequent resignation of James Mattis, the temporary partial government shutdown , why it is important to understand basic civics, some details from the newly Senate-passed farm bill, the difference between “the wall” and “border security”, the decriminalization of drugs and prostitution, and a healthy SPORTS!!

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