Episode 94: Back on Our Bullshit

On episode 94 Don and Offie are unaccompanied once again and after learning that the President has COVID-19, they use the Presidential Debate as an insane map through the chaos we all watched on our TVs. Starting with what preceding events may have contributed to the poor quality of the debate to the interruptions andContinue reading “Episode 94: Back on Our Bullshit”

Episode 93 ft. John Satak (Satak?)

On Episode 93 Don and Offie are joined by the one and only John Satak. After finding the deepest roots of Johns name, they discuss theproductivity and use of traditional political labels as well as thepros and cons, and whether a more parliamentary style system might be beneficial. The difference between rights and laws, ourContinue reading “Episode 93 ft. John Satak (Satak?)”

Episode 92 ft.Larry Dixon: Hero or Celeb?

On episode 92 Don and Offie are joined by tax-man and local celeb Larry Dixon. Larry played 4 years for the Army Black Knights and graduated from West Point Academy, is active duty in the Army as well as being a Tax Accountant. He joins the SOS boys via ZOOM to talk about how heContinue reading “Episode 92 ft.Larry Dixon: Hero or Celeb?”

Episode 91 ft. Zeke: Bigger Issues at Hand

On episode 91 Don and Offie are joined via phone by patriot and OG fan Zeke. With his help, the boys talk about the validity of fearing a bear attack as well as an active shooter, Zekes’ path from highschool with Donavan and Jordyn to living in Indiana and being deployed to Saudi Arabia. WaysContinue reading “Episode 91 ft. Zeke: Bigger Issues at Hand”

Episode 90:A Revolution of Consciousness

On episode 90 Brandon aka Bgeeezus joins Don and Offie to go over the way the COVID shutdown impacted his life from small things like responsibilities at work to big things like the loss of his 5th year coaching peewee football, something that Brandon will miss dearly but also stands to impact all of theContinue reading “Episode 90:A Revolution of Consciousness”