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After a steak and family filled week off, Don and Offie come back and cover why Atlantic City is gross, the release of the redacted Mueller report, the information it contained and what it means in the big picture as well as how it is being used by both sides. Scotch is discussed and tasted, Then another look at some of the 20 Democratic candidates and the policies they are running on (or not running on in the case of Mayor Pete) like impeaching the current President, reparations, student loan forgiveness, and voting while in prison. GOT is teased, along with lessons learned from 1984, last minute NFL trades and the draft in an allegation filled SPORTS!!

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Cannabis and Parenthood

Last weekend was 4/20, which for those who don’t know, is pretty much a holiday in the weed smoking community. 

Last year Offie and I went over a bunch of different ways to consume cannabis and talked a bit about how it came to be illegal. We got some nice joints and had a great time. This year was very different for me than last year. 

The Saturday of 4/20 we celebrated the engagement of two of my close friends, Kody and Maika, and had a huge meal with lots of friends and drinks and smoking and it was a great time. Even if that wasn’t the occasion I don’t think it would have been the same as last year. I would have done the show probably but I didn’t have that same drive to go and get fucked up high like I did last year. Partially because I want to save money wherever I can but I also just felt like I had better things to be doing. And that felt very important to me. 

I’m not sure why. I started smoking pot really young and have always carried a chip on my shoulder about it. For a long time I felt like it was part of my mission in life to show people that pot wasn’t bad. That you could smoke weed and be productive and functioning member of society because I truly truly believe that the vast majority of people who use cannabis ARE. When I was in school I made it very apparent I smoked weed. I wasn’t the kid who had pot leaves in his hats and socks but I wasn’t afraid to hide what I did and was even less afraid to talk about it. 

My sophmore year, the only thing I wanted more than to constantly have a girlfriend, was to smoke as much pot as I could but also do as good as I could in school. The first part I followed through with but the second part not so much. I will argue till I die that weed is not the reason. There was an infant, my first nephew Ryin, without a solid father figure living in my house, I was playing football on both JV and Varsity, I was walking everywhere besides school and of course couldn’t have been more focused on girls. My mind was not on school. It took my being faced with not graduating after a 90-day suspension for me to even BEGIN to take school seriously, and when that chip on my shoulder began to not be my best friend. 

I had to take college courses to get enough credits to finish Highschool with my class when I went back. The college professors didn’t care about my personal life like the Highschool teachers were apt to, and cared even less that I smoked pot. They were grown adults with their own opinions and expected me to be the same. A Highschool teacher is partially tasked with shaping the person a student will be become, not to just deliver information. A Highschool teacher will argue with you, as a student, about your drug habits and how they affect the things you do and what your future looks like. They will talk to you about going to college and how establishing good habits now will help you succeed there if that is what you choose to do (which they all suggested you do when I was high school). As a college student you are an adult. You are obviously IN college, presumably borrowing money from a bank or someone else and are therefor a true American with your newly acquired debt. What you do is your business. 

Of all of the things I have grown out of since I was a teenager, the chip about smoking weed took me the longest. I still smoke weed all of the time because it helps me in a number of ways. My mind is extraordinarily busy. When I WAS in school, the only way I could effectively write an essay or even do a fair amount of homework was to get high first and while I was doing it. It allowed me to slow down and put my thoughts in order so they could be effectively conveyed on paper. It also helped me write every single one of these blog posts and do most of my non-work related research for the show. I have problems with my knees that cause chronic pain that cannabis has a deeply positive affect on. It helps me open my mind for the show and understand other peoples’ opinions. And when consumed in excess it helps me have a really great time with my friends and family and sometimes even be more tapped into my feelings for them. 

I think the reason it took me so long to get rid of that monkey on my back was because I still think it’s true. I feel that I myself am fairly good evidence of being able to smoke pot, work more than full time, be a great husband and father, and also co-host a growing intellectual podcast. I also feel that some things are not for everyone. I would never force or even push cannabis on anyone but I would advocate trying it to everyone. I have heard and seen no shortage of stories of people having been against it their entire life, trying it once after years of pain or anxiety and feeling immense relief from it. I feel that cannabis generally intensifies things; so those who are lazy can become even lazier, those who are are creative can become even more so, and so on and so forth. As in everything, it should be used in moderation and in accordance to your tolerance and reason for use. Just like alcohol. 

In the numerous times we have talked about cannabis on our show we have mentioned no shortage of times (including in multiple blog posts, episodes and old school dissents) that cannabis and alcohol are regulated by the same bureaucratic body. You have to be 21 years old to purchase both of them and can’t do it after a certain time. It’s still illegal to buy it for minors and you aren’t allowed to do it and drive. They are legally considered the same thing, at least in Washington state. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis but people drink themselves to death all the time. The statistics are insane as to how much safer cannabis is than alcohol. But somehow cannabis still carries a stigma that alcohol doesn’t. Smoking weed as a teenager will ruin your life and set you into a path of doing more drugs, but experimenting with drinking is normal. That’s not something I understand. 

People have spent their lives behind bars for small amounts of marijuana but there are people with multiple DUI’s and alcohol related assaults that walk the streets. I know someone personally who received a second DUI within the probationary period of his first. Speeding in a construction zone on his way to the airport because he didn’t want to pay for an Uber. Somehow avoided jail time. Has an interlock in his car but no license, no insurance, bad tabs on the car and hasn’t made a payment on it in months. He can’t even go and get it fixed because his license is suspended and he doesn’t have the title to his car. I 100% understand this is anecdotal, but this is a failure of the justice system. 

There are entire social media pages and websites, even APPAREL that promotes “wine moms” and moms who need to drink to handle their children. This is not only common but promoted. I am not by any means saying this is a bad thing. I grew up in a home where drinking was done rarely but in great fun every time. I drink beer regularly and with my baby in my arm. I merely bring this up to compare the general social acceptability of drinking while you are holding an infant, but for most people to even consider being high around a child is inconceivable. Why? To be stoned is not as it is comically portrayed on TV. For the vast majority of people it doesn’t even slightly incapacitate you and it doesn’t not cause hallucinations. It doesn’t lower inhibitions any more than a glass of whiskey and doesn’t affect motor function. 

I’m not sure. Truly. After all this time having these feelings and consuming cannabis for so many different reason, I don’t know what it is that causes this dramatic contrast between cannabis and alcohol. Reefer madness is long gone and so is William Randolph Hearst. Even Mitch McConnell is accepting of hemp, the non-psychoactive sister of cannabis, hell he wants it in his state to help replace tobacco. And I think this was it the whole time. This is why it was hard for me to let go of that chip I had on my shoulder. Because the vast vast majority of people I know or have ever heard talk about cannabis feel the same way I do. That the “harm” and stigma of cannabis is hyped up and misplaced. 

So I think what I can chalk it up to is the scheduling. Cannabis is still classified as a schedule 1 drug meaning it has no medical value, which I couldn’t disagree with more vehemently. There is an excess of documented and anecdotal evidence to support the medicinal uses of cannabis and if NOTHING else, the CBD chemical that resides in it. A drug called Epidolex was approved last year for clinical testing for treatment of seizures, directly contradicting the claims by the federal government of cannabis showing no medical benefits. Scientific understanding of cannabis, the chemicals within it and the unique way they interact with the human body is changing and I feel that the social understanding and stigma around it needs to as well. And I believe this starts with changing the federal understanding and recognition of the benefits around cannabis both medicinally and recreationally.


The “Situation”: A Two Pronged Problem Facing American Politics

Written By: Colin Offenbacker

It’s Thursday and after the “slow” news week that we’ve all had, after the historically devastating experience of watching the great Notre Dame Cathedral burn, after the public release of the long awaited Mueller report, I wanted to write about something jubilant. I wanted to right something uplifting. Unfortunately, I fear that I cannot provide that this evening. Tonight I am more focused on a particularly long term situation. I use the word “situation” deliberately, and this is because I still haven’t quite figured out if it’s necessarily a good or bad situation, right now I’m only comfortable calling it a situation, simple, neutral.

Buried beneath the surface of this week’s headlines runs a long-term subplot in our nations politics. Some say that it’s beginning starts as far back as the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the era of the “New Deal”. Some point to President Reagan’s administration as the point of it’s true beginning. Some even say that it wasn’t until the years of President Obama that this situation truly started.

But what am I talking about here? What is this “situation” that I keep referring to?

I am of course referring to the situation unfolding in The People’s House of government. The Congress of the United States; and, it’s relationship with the Executive branch.

I believe the problem is two fold. These problems are at once both completely separate and simultaneously co-dependent at this point. Problem one is that the future of the Democratic Party’s ideology rests in the hands of people whom do not seem to grasp the true gravity of their situation. Problem two is that the relationship between the U.S. Congress and the White House has formed an almost monarchical bond. With the suit clad King of the Western World sitting atop the throne in the Oval Office dictating policy I the name of “the party” all while the good loyal party members serving their leader, all in the name of good old fashioned partisanship.

Problem 1:

I’ve spoken on the podcast in the past on how I feel the Democratic party leadership has “lost control” of either it’s party or of it’s party’s message. I would like to take this time to say that I don’t stand by those statements anymore. I made those statements while I was still thinking this entire situation through and though I am still thinking my way through it, I feel like I can better grasp the situation, at least better than I did then. Regardless of how exactly we got here, the Democratic party I feel, finds itself at a crossroads ideologically and which turn the party takes next is solely dependent on who’s captaining the ship when it comes time to make a turn.

The main problem stems from the party leadership. People like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in the Senate technically hold the reigns of leadership at the moment and have for a while now, though it remains to be seen whether they can hold on to that power in the long term. If history is any indicator, this problem I see will be nothing but a flash in the pan and normalcy will return in due time. But these are strange and interesting times we live in and they seem to be surprising us day in and day out. In today’s political climate, tomorrows forecast is about as reliable as a sundial at midnight. While the unreliability is not resigned to the Democratic Party alone (the Republican Party is no saint in this realm either) it is their ideology that seems to be the most heavily in flux, and without a solid ideology the party’s values are stuck in limbo.

I am in no way a political partisan, though I will state that I find myself more drawn to the values of the Republican Party (commonly referred to as “the right” side of politics) in many ways over those in the current Democratic Party (commonly referred to as “the left”). The simple fact is that the Democratic Parties “values” in today’s political climate are so scattered I’m not sure I could even explain what they truly are. There was once a day in which you could safely say things like “the Democrats fight for the rights of free speech and free expression, they care about the working class and the downtrodden” or “if the Republicans are the heart of our republic, the Democrats are the soul of the republic” but I don’t think I can say that these days. If I were to say that the current status of the Democratic Party is one of “political correctness on steroids” I fear the ladder rings truer than the former. This is not to say that this is their only message, it’s more a sign of the overall state of the party and their lack of any kind of uniform message or ideology.

This lack of a solid platform can be seen in the 15 plus candidates running primary campaigns in an effort to challenge President Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. Think of it like a power vacuum, but instead of “political power” it’s the void left by the lack of a hardened baseline ideology that is currently being filled by a more extreme ideology. Worst yet is that these new voices speaking to this new ideology are becoming more popular. Is the Democratic party going populist to counter the populist movement that some point to as the reason President Trump got elected? This question is way I’m so focused on the 2020 primary races right now. I whole heatedly believe that whomever wins the Democratic primary will ultimately control the shaping of a new Democratic Party ideology. Combine that with the populism being drummed up by the more Democratic Socialist branch, however small a branch it is, and we could see the birth of a mainstream political party that is fully committed to the ideology of socialism and it’s policies in the United States. The problem that Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer face is being forced to either stand against this new wave of left wing populism and risk loosing power in the process, or fall in lock step enough to maintain their power in hopes of regaining control of their party’s ideological direction, if that would even be possible.

The big question will be, again, who? Who will take President Trump on in 2020? Is it someone who can divorce themselves from the newly adopted socialistic far left ideology but still maintain enough popular support to beat out President Trump in the election? At this point only time will tell, but given the multiplicity of candidates taking the field and the general far left ideological platforms they’re presenting, the only chance I see of the Democrats taking a victory over President Trump at this point is by fully committing to their Democratic Socialist Zar Burnie Sanders whose left wing populism might stand the best chance of winning them the day. Though, a dark day it would be.

Problem 2:

The unholy union that both political parties share with the Executive Branch is unnerving at best and despicable at worst. It seems more and more that in politics these days loyalties lay first and foremost with “the party” and secondly to the people they are sworn to represent. I think this can best be examined by looking at two things. First, with how much of it’s own governmental power and control the United States Congress has systematically handed over to the Executive Branch. Secondly, in examining how they have also removed the built in speed bumps and road blocks built into the House and Senate rules on majority votes in order to squeeze legislation through their end so that they can fast track it to the desk of the President. Both political parties are guilty of these devastating missteps so there is plenty of blame to go around, but in a world where “the party” and the overall power of “the party” is all that matters, removing those road blocks seems like a good idea, until the party falls out of favor that is. The problem with unitary control is that it only works if your party is in power and stays in power, a loss of such power opens the door to political disaster.

This form of divorce from responsibility is dangerous in countless ways, whether it be in the from of The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) giving the executive the powers of military force under the espouses of national defense or something as seemingly benign as increased legislative power through the use of executive order or executive action. All of which are a way to funnel power out of the Congress and into the hands of the executive, something you wouldn’t worry too much about if you can get reelected and maintain your party’s power standing.

I think we can look at the current state of the Republican Party to see this process in action today. Though the Republican leadership, concentrated heavily in the Senate, have had to deal with a President whom isn’t a true and faithful party member, they’ve still been able to do the hard work the party desires, often times seemly using the President as their blunt tool to clear the way for their agenda. Look to the federal court judgeship’s, tax cuts, the supposed slashing of various regulations and removal of the individual mandate in regards to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for examples. They’ve so far been able to weather the storm of the Trump Presidency, all while Senator Mitch McConnell and other higher ranking Republicans still maintain overall control and direction of their party, relatively speaking when compared to the current state of the Democratic Party. Come 2020, if the power of governmental control at the executive level falls into the hands of the Democrats, the overall power of their party would go with it and they would once again be relegated to the relatively powerless minority with little ability to check the power of their political opposition.

As the overall size and scope of the Federal Government grows, and Congress continue to put there power into the hands of the executive in hopes of tapping into that unitary wellspring of power, the long-term health of the Republic gets shoved aside and replaced with short term political gains. We’ve seen it play out right in front of us over the past 10 years plain as day. Can’t get a party to-do item passed through the Congress, just send it on up to the executive, they’ll take care of it, well they may not exactly take care of it, but they’ll sign something and give us the political win we need to maintain power. This dangerous precedent has already been set, and I fear it is here to stay.

Final Thought:

In closing I think it should come as no surprise that I am overall left with a distasteful view of the current state of our nations politics. I fear that if the election events of 2020 play out in a particular way, we could be left with an irreversible and impossible situation. If it comes down to a second term with President Trump or someone from the newly emboldened Democratic Party with seriously Socialistic tendencies, what would we really be looking at? There is still a lot of time between now and then so I maintain hope, given the absolute worst case scenario, I still have hope that the United States will remain united and one way or the other we will see these strange times through to the end.

Episode 55 is dropping!

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Resignation is discussed this week, the legacy she leaves behind with the policy she oversaw and the false narrative being pushed by the Democratic Party. AG Bill Barr’s recent testimony, updates on the Mueller report and some notes about the Trump Budget. Julian Assanges arrest and what it could mean for journalism and the first amendment. Intersectionality continues to seep into Hollywood and Russell Wilson sets a deadline for his contract in a stat packed SPORTS!!

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Blog Post 4/8/19

A few weeks ago Colin and I talked about the NFL, Colin Kapernick and Eric Reid having finally reached a settlement in the lawsuit in which the two players were alleging the NFL had blacklisted them for protests they were carrying out before the game. I don’t need to get too deep into that because I’m sure everyone remembers the debacle over kneeling during the national anthem. 

In the time this controversy was capturing the media I heard no shortage of variations of arguments both in favor of and against Kaep specifically for the way he was choosing the carryout protests. We heard both that he was unamerican and a patriot. That he disrespects veterans and soldiers who fought for this country while also hearing from many that it was Kaepernicks very right to protest however he wanted that they were fighting for. 

We have talked about this situation numerous times especially the longer it went on and the longer I felt my view was not being represented enough in the argument. On episode 7  when Morgan was on for the first time, I went on a bit of a tear, as I’m prone to doing, and tried to explain really how I feel. But for some reason when we talked about the settlement I started to feel like I was not clear enough about how I felt. So I decided I would take this opportunity to re-explain myself. Not because I think the world or even our audience is starved for my opinion on Kaep, but because even though I haven’t met one, I know there is another person in this world that felt the same way I did during this entire controversy. 

Right off the top, I don’t see any disrespect in what Kaep did. Everyone who said it is correct, he is 100% entitled to his right to free speech and his right to his own opinion. I also tend to agree that there is a problem between unarmed black individuals and the police that are supposed to protect them. I don’t know exactly what that problem is, but that’s a whole separate issue in itself. Before I move on I would just like to note that I understand Kaep’s stance was on racial inequality in general, a cause which I fully support the fight for, and don’t mean to oversimplify his message. 

I don’t think it’s wrong at all for him to use his stature as an NFL athlete, and at the time starting Quartback, to bring light to a social issue he saw as detrimental to American society. As wrong as I think the comparisons are, Muhammad Ali’s name had floated around a lot, and I suppose in the loosest of terms I can understand the relation. But I will address that more soon. As an NFL athlete, everything Kaep does is done with that context and that power behind it – No matter what. To expect him to make his politics separate from that I feel is unreasonable and almost impossible. 

However, while he is on the field – or at any organized team activity – he is an employee of the NFL and is therefor subject to their terms of employment. If he is told to show up and play the game, he is faced with the same option I would be at my job; shut up, get paid, and find another way to express my views or to find another job that will allow me to do so. This separation of the two is not only hypocritical but directly contradictory to the message of equity being expressed. Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing title AND license for his refusal to commit to be drafted and abandon his beliefs. But for some reason the same was not to be expected of Kaep. 

Part of the reason I don’t agree with or support at all the comparison between Muhammad Ali and Colin Kaepernick is the personnel differences in the sports in which they competed respectively. Boxing is two men. One on one fighting until one wins. Football is about a roster of 53 men, 11 of which are on a field at once to represent their team. While Muhammad Ali was boxing, or doing ANYTHING, he was sure to represent only himself. The World Boxing Association was sure to emphasize this by stripping him of his title and then further solidified when every U.S. state systematically denied him a boxing license. Colin Kaepernick does not conduct himself this way. 

Not only is he just 1 of 53 men on a roster of one of the most, if not THE most, team focused professional sports, he was the Quarterback. The Quarterback is the undisputed leader of his team. Even with the General Manager and Head Coach, when it comes down to game time the QB is the one making the calls for audible, reading the coverage and making the passes. His job is to deny credit for victory and accept responsibility for loss. His job is to always show strength and leadership for his team. His job is to show an example of teamwork in order to try and receive that from his team. Colin Kaepernick acted independently in his decision to deny the will of his employer and expressed his personal opinion on a national stage provided by the NFL, all while taking a check from them and talking about inequality. This is not an example of ideal team work. 

At the end of the day Kaep’s position is subject to the will of his employers, those who hired him to lead a team of 53 men. Instead he acted independently on their time while taking their money, and ultimately the dispute is over whether or not he was black listed because of his views, and in my opinion, he wasn’t. If it’s me reading the signs, Kaep was an alright QB when he “lost his job”, definitely better than some of the scrubs that started in the time he was gone. But he also expressed to the other owners, General Managers and Head Coaches in the league that he couldn’t be trusted to act in the best interest of the team because in the end, his agenda reigned supreme; with expressions and demonstrations that were attracting a lot of controversial media attention, something a lot of teams may not have wanted. He was then actively involved in a lawsuit against the very organization he was requesting to play for. I see no shortage of reasons that teams may not have wanted to sign him. 

Again I don’t think he is totally wrong. He is, in a sense, using his stature as an athlete to bring attention to racial injustice in America. If for nothing other than to show this is more than just a criticism, I actually have an idea, or at least an opinion, on what may have been a better way to achieve the goal he was striving for while avoiding the proceeding consequences. To avoid conflict with the league but continue to express the full force behind his status as an athlete, Kaep should have called a press conference on a problem he held very dear to his heart. Not after practice or a game and not at any type of team or organization facility. Outside of city hall in San Francisco on a Tuesday after a game, for example. Use the position, while being separate from the organization. 

If Kaep felt that doing something during a game was necessary, so be it. I don’t agree and think that he should have been prepared for the possible backlash from the league and from the public, but he has the right to try. However because he is on this team of 53 I have spoken so much about, I don’t feel he should have done any type of on-field demonstration without the understanding, support, and blessing of every member of that team. If even one player on that team said they were not comfortable with his choice he should not have carried out these protests in the way he did. I cannot personally attest that his didn’t happen so I will gladly admit this statement is pure conjecture, but I stand firm in it until proven incorrect. 

My intent is not to make Colin Kaepernick look like a villain. I don’t believe he is. I believe he is an incredibly talented and intelligent man with intensely strong morals. I believe he did his due diligence to ensure he was not offending any active duty or veteran service members in the way he chose to protest. I do not, however, feel he did the same in regards to the fans of the NFL and in turn the people who give him his job. As I am living proof of, I do not disagree with the message that Kaep was and I assume still is fighting for. I have a problem with the fact that he openly disrespected a game and organization he continued to and would still like to draw a paycheck from. The inauthenticity I feel is obvious. It continues to shock me that this has gotten so far away from where it started – the sport. 

I think it’s important to note that the terms of the recent settlement have not been disclosed and this could mean any numbers of things. It could mean that either Kaep or the NFL got tired of the arguments and wanted it to be over. It could also mean that there was strong evidence on one side that made the other nervous enough about their chances to win that they accepted a settlement. I don’t assume one of these things over the other. I wouldn’t place blame on any one party involved either. I think one man made a decision that rippled through the media more than he could have imagined, partially fueled by President Trump. And it happened during a time where the culture is so extreme and so divisive that it promoted a reaction from a league that for some reason barely knows how to handle players who beat women, let alone a player who wants to be politically active. 

This theme seems to be carrying over many aspects of modern life. The media, the sports, the politics don’t seem to be able to keep up with the rapidly changing culture in this country. I think this is temporary. I think we are in a time of heightened division in this country and the last time we were this divided as a country, college students were shot at Kent State by the national guard. Sometimes it takes an event so shocking and culture shattering that it forces us to re-evaluate what we are doing. America is equipped to handle divisive events like this. We are made to handle it and come out on the other end stronger than ever.

Episode 54 of Salt of The Streets Podcast!

On a jam packed episode 54, Don and Offie break down the complications of stomach ulcers and IBS, Bill Barrs letter on the Mueller report, what you can and can’t take from what we know from the report and what is still to come as well as WHAT the investigation was really about in the first place, Washington State raising the smoking age to 21, why and how the Democrats are running false narratives about the vote on the Green new deal, the recent updates about Jussie Smollet, more Democratic candidates and their platform issues, the idea of a wealth tax, and how much is a starting but not star D End worth in a retirement filled SPORTS!!

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A Recent Rediscovering of the Emerald City

Written by: Colin Offenbacker

In the wake of the most loaded news week to hit our feeds, TV screens and computer screens in recent memory, I’ve strangely found myself at a loss as to what to write for my blog post this week. So I have fallen back to safety of writing about something I can relate to personally. I’ve mentioned it a time or two on the podcast but a couple of weeks ago I spent a long weekend in the city of Seattle, where I spent time at a live podcast recording of the Meateater podcast with my brother and then turned around and attended an event they call “Emerald City Comic-Con” with my wife. In other words I went from hanging with a crowd of camo wearing hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to surrounding myself with people dressed up in every comic book, video game and pop culture characters under the sun, a lot of which seemed to have questionable levels of personal hygiene. Talk about polar opposite demographics.

To start my adventure for the weekend, I began as I also do with a full day at work, after working a nice 9 hour day I grabbed my prepped go-bag and headed to the ferry boat and before I knew it I was in the great cultural melting pot of the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald City herself, Seattle. There is a lot that I love about Seattle, there local politics doesn’t make that list, but as far as just about everything else…I’m a fan. I was meeting my brother there to attend a live podcast recording of a show that we both love, the Meateater podcast.

At it’s core it’s a hunting podcast, hosted by a man named Steven Rinella, it is also a very popular show on Netflix and a large hunting and fishing news/online magazine. The show was at the Moore theater, one of Seattle’s historical theaters. As my brother and I approached the marquee proudly advertising the evenings event, we noticed that the line wrapped around the corner of the block. Without thought or hesitation we walked down the line of mostly camo-clad, burly-beard sporting attendees only to find that the line wrapped around yet another block corner. There was something about that crowd that just seemed out of place in the leftist Utopian city of Seattle. I mean Seattle is home to a very outdoorsie population who often sport the top of the line outdoor gear from Patagonia, Columbia, North Face or Mountain Hardware, but these people attending this show were hunters and anglers. These were people who don’t just disappear for a weekend in the woods with a backpack on the shoulders, these were people who do that but generally speaking would also be carrying a rifle, shotgun or bow with them while they do it. They would also be heading into the woods with the mindset of tracking, killing and bringing an animal back with them. Two very different types of outdoor adventurers.

After finally finding the end of the line, we struck up some light conversation with the people in front of us and soon with the people that followed behind us in line. Most seemed to be blue collar working people, both men and women, who themselves talked about feeling out of place in a city like Seattle. Though I’m sure there had to be some local people there, some had come from across state lines just to attend this podcast recording. As the line slowly but evenly crawled forward as people passed through the front security checkpoint a group of costume clad cos-players walked by, obviously here to attend the comic book convention happening that same weekend. If Don or my wife was with me I’m sure they could have recognized the other characters walking down the street across from our line, but the only one I could recognize was a semi-overweight man dressed in a skin tight Wolverine costume from the Marvel comics, movies, video games and TV shows. And just like that my two worlds collided, though, ever so slightly. I could hear slight chuckles and saw head nods towards the passing cos-players as people struggled to understand what they were seeing across the street. I don’t blame them for immediately turning to humor when suddenly faced with something these hunters and fishers just couldn’t comprehend, but I did bring me to the reality that these types of interactions between two totally different interest groups happen all the time. I myself can feel just at home in either of these groups, but it was interesting to see it in person like that. Again, I harbor no ill will toward my fellow camo clad woodland warriors but the duality was palpable, it wasn’t but 30 seconds earlier that these same people were talking about how out of place THEY felt in the city, and the speed at which they projected the same exact feeling towards others in a place they weren’t even from felt strange.

The actual show itself was great, I don’t want to get into all the details because I want to use some of the topics covered in it on the podcast over the next couple of weeks, especially since it was surprisingly political, for a hunting podcast at least. After the show my brother and I parted ways, he left to catch the ferry boat so he could head home for the night while I walked the few blocks to my hotel for some much needed rest, rest I didn’t get.

After living a decent amount of time in New York City, spending time in my local city of Seattle felt good. I remember waking up early after a sleepless night alone in my hotel room a block away from the cities convention center feeling strangely energized. I got dressed in a fitted tee-shirt, slim fitting khaki jeans and my favorite blue suede shoes and headed to a coffee shop on the corner across the street from my hotel for a quick spot of breakfast, and believe it or not it wasn’t even a Starbucks. I got an iced black coffee and a croissant, sat at a little table out on the porch, popped in my headphones and began one of my favorite city past-times, people watching. Like I said, my hotel was a block away from the convention center which was where the comic-con was being held all weekend so the people watching was better than average. Costume clad con goers in every costume imaginable streamed endlessly just below my chosen breakfast spot, I was a wash in a river of glorious geekdom and it was fascinating.

I knew that my wife was on her way over and I didn’t feel like going back to my hotel room so after finishing my breakfast I decided to crank the tunes and just stroll around the city to continue my people watching. I walked blocks and blocks and still found myself drowning in a sea of con goers. It just never seemed to end. Every hotel I walked by, out would come a group of costumed con goers. Marvel character, DC characters, video game and anime characters, just endless amounts of endless variety, hundreds, thousands, all of them everyday normal people like you or I deciding to drop reality for a day or two and walk the streets of Seattle as their fictional alias.

Once I finally met up with my wife, we too entered into the strange yet comforting world of “the con”, mind you we were one of the non-costume sporting crowd, which there were a great number of by the way, and we had a great time too. Even if your not a die hard comic fan, it’s an experience that is hard to rival. After spending the day at the convention, we left with more merchandise than I’d care to share but more importantly with some great memories.

Reflecting on that weekend, now being a couple weeks removed, really made me think about the nature of our city. It is such a strange place when you really stop to think about it. It stands apart from my other familiar city, New York, in so many ways but I think it’s in the simple diversity that it really shines on it’s own. From hemp fest to Jordan Peterson, from Steven Rinella’s Meateater to Emerald City comic-con, every time I go there I get a different vibe, the entire demographic of the city seems to shift and change depending on what big even is happening that day. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never actually lived there, but I still can’t get a solid read on “what” kind of city Seattle really is, but then again maybe that is Seattle. The true melting pot of the great Pacific Northwest.