Episode 37 is dropping!

This week on episode 37 Don and Offie cover President Trumps decision and announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from the INF Treaty with Russia, the initiatives up for vote on Washington States mid-terms this year, and in the grab bag we discuss the recent pipe bombs that were mailed to prominent left-leaning public figures, hunting adrenaline in even the most experienced hunters, how many games to start a winning streak, and is Demon House legit? and as always, a quick SPORTS!!


This podcast and ALL of our other episodes are available on our SoundCloud and ANYWHERE else you can get a podcast, the pre-show video for this episode is on our Facebook and YouTube with all the rest of our videos and the full episode show will be up tomorrow. Like us on Facebook and leave us a review on your podcast app. T-shirts are available, send us a screen shot and you will get $5 off of your first T-Shirt. Inquiries can be made through any of our social media. You WILL hear back from us.

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