Episode 38 / Movember Announcement

Episode 38 takes Don and Offie down the path of another listener request topic and cover the roots and possible effects of the current migrant caravan being covered in the media, the Trump and administrations announcement of a new definition of gender and the backlash around it, and in the grab bag we cover the Squirrel Hill shooting, a coon man named Festus, Shaun White as Simple Jack, and as always a jam packed SPORTS!!

This episode and ALL of our pods can be found on our SoundCloud and anywhere else you can get a podcast. The pre-show for this episode can be found on our FaceBook and a finished version on our YouTube along with the rest of our videos and full episode video for Episode 38 will be available tomorrow afternoon.

Don and Offie and both participating in Movember which is a charity that focuses on mens health and was detailed in this weeks episode. To donate it our name you can follow THIS link or search either of our names on the website. Help us do what we can to affect mens health

Tomorrow is the last day to vote and we cannot ask anyone enough times to vote. The way you vote on your local initiatives DIRECTLY affects the things that happen around you including how much your taxes are and where the money goes. In Episode 37 we went over the initiatives on our local ballot and can’t recommend enough that everyone does the same.

T-shirts are also available. Inquiries can be made through ANY of our social media, you WILL hear back from us. Leave us a rate and a review and send us a screen shot and you get $5 off your first shirt.

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