Episode 43 is LIVE!

On episode 43 of Salt of The Streets podcast Don and Offie cover as much information as they have on the closed door Senate briefing given by CIA Director Gina Haspel about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a deeper look into the positive and negative take aways from the life of George H W Bush, the Miami Miracle is caught on audio with Don’s reaction, discussion about honesty in all its forms, and in the grab bag Paul McCartney draws emotion from a late night host, The White House demands decorum, France rebels against fuel taxes and as always, SPORTS!!

We record all of our shows on video and do a live stream for the pre show! ALL of our videos are on our YouTube, the pre show for this episode is live NOW and the full show video will be up tomorrow afternoon. Like us and subscribe to our channel.

Our podcasts originate on our SoundCloud, but can be found ANYWHERE that you can find a podcast. Leave us a rating and a review, send us a screen shot and you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST T-SHIRT which are available NOW and can be inquired about through ANY Salt of The Streets social media.

We LOVE feedback and suggestions. We are here to serve the people and bridge the gap between people and information so if there is anything liked, didn’t like, or something you don’t understand or want covered LET US KNOW. Let us do some work for you and deliver the information right to your ears and eyes, it’s what we do.

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