Episode 36 has arrived!!

This week Don and Offie break down the disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the troubling ties with the Americans handling it with striking similarities to some Bush era corruption, the responsibility or lack there of of the media to disclose classified material and the leakers who provide it, and in the grab bag we go over Fiensteins heritage, Louis C.K., and high thoughts from Offie and Don, and as always SPORTS!!

Here is the episode where we broke down the crisis in Yemen and a fair amount about Saudi Arabia a few weeks back. We put out some articles while we are recording but anything else we used is available upon request.

Our podcast and all of our episodes are available on SoundCloud and everywhere else you can get a podcast, the pre show for this episode is available on our YouTube with the rest of our videos and the full episode video will be up tomorrow. Any inquiries for T-Shirts can be made here or on any of our social media. Reach out and you WILL hear back from us.

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