Episode 50 of Salt of The Streets Podcast

On a very big episode 50, Don and Offie address some concerns expressed by a viewer  with a small look into how Don sees the Government, break down the Green New Deal  and the positives, negatives, and inconsistencies, a little about The Bern and why we WON’T be going over any candidates yet, why Amazon is pulling out of New York and why it may or may not be a bad thing , big picture thoughts about money, socialism, taxes, and intersectionality, and a Pats filled SPORTS!!

HERE is the link for the episode where we covered the “Amazon” or “Head” tax that was passed and then repealed in Seattle.

We love to cover topics requested by the fans. We are here for YOU. If you have ANY questions or ANY topics you want covered, let us know. We are ALWAYS open for requests.

All of our podcasts originate on SoundCloud but can be found ANYWHERE you can find a podcast including Apple Podcasts. Our Pre Shows are live on our Facebook and then go up on our YouTube on Tuesdays followed by the full show on Wednesday.

Curious about the strange lines Don ends the pod with? If you know where they come from, let us know and you will win a FREE T SHIRT! Can’t figure out the lines but want one anyway? Let us know on ANY of our social media and we can sell you one.

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