Episode 52 is HERE!

After our best pre-show yet, we kept it going with EPISODE 52!

Episode 52 brings discussion of the importance of not working too much, Washington State House Bill 1638 which would remove the personal exemption for vaccines for children, Jay Inslee should not run for President, the anti-bigotry resolution passed in the House of Representatives, Why there might still be hope for the Democratic Party, deep and dark listener questions that Offie brightens up and elaborates greatly on, Poker table etiquette, The Shop on HBO, and a dive into the Seahawks in a money packed SPORTS!!

We had some great topics this week from one of the OG listeners and they were AWESOME. Topics and questions from listeners are our favorite ones. If you have ANYTHING that you want to know more about or just want our opinion on both political and not, feel free to send us questions on any of our social media.

Here is when we first talked about HB 1638.

Our PR breaking pre-show can be found on our Facebook or our YouTube page with ALL the rest of our videos. The full show video will be up later this week. Our podcasts start on SoundCloud but can be found anywhere you can get a podcast.

Want a FREE Salt of The Streets T-shirt? Listen for the line that Don uses to end the show and tell us where it’s from! The first person to guess it correctly wins a free T-shirt. Want to buy one? Reach out to us on ANY social media to get one. If you leave us a review wherever you listen, screenshot it and send it to us we will give you $5 OFF!

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