Episode 53 is LIVE!

After a weekend off with the family, on Episode 53 of Salt of the Streets Don and Offie go over the role of social media in political discourse, Andrew Yang among other Democratic Candidates as well as some of the big issues of this election like reparations, medicare for all, UBI, expansion of the supreme court, and the electoral college, the Mueller Investigation is completed , even BIGGER baseball contracts and whether or not NCAA athletes should be paid in a PACKED SPORTS!!

Our show is hosted and there for originates on our SoundCloud but can be found anywhere you can find a podcast, and the video version of our pre-show and full episode videos are available on our YouTube page. Check them out and let us know what you think, we love hearing from and speaking with the fans to help share some of their thoughts and opinions. All are welcome at Salt of the Streets.

Want some Salt of The Streets gear? T-shirts are available for salt at ANYtime. Want a FREE T-shirt? Listen to the whole episode and tell us where the closing line is from and you get a FREE SIGNED Salt of The Streets T. Guesses are always allowed.

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