Episode 61 of Salt of The Streets Podcast

On episode 61, the grab bag rears it ugly head and spits out a myriad of topics including the recent resignation of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, two more ships are attacked in the Persian Gulf further raising tensions between the US and Iran, further steps in the contempt cases in the House Committees, the pros and cons of Kamala Harris as a candidate and the dishonest treatment of Andrew Yang on ‘Deconstructed’, the dropping of charges in regards to the ‘Flint Water Crisis’ and AOC begins her process of selling out  right before a quick SPORTS!!

Episode Links:

Episode 58: Oil ships bombed in the Persian Gulf

Episode 13: Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal


Episode 56: Talk about some of the Democratic Candidates (Harris discussed for sure)

Episode 54: More breakdown of the Democratic Candidates

Episode 53: Democratic Candidate breakdown (Yang discussed for sure)



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Our T-shirt competition was won two weeks ago but ANOTHER WILL BE STARTING THIS WEEK! To win a free Salt of The Streets T shirt, listen to the line at the end of the podcast and correctly guess the origin of the line. To get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST SHIRT, just rate and review us wherever you listen to the cast and send us a screenshot and the discount is yours. We are ALWAYS looking for listener topics and questions, all submissions are welcome.

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