Episode 62 with guests Jake and Morgan

This week Don and Offie are joined by special guests Jake and Morgan, and together they discuss the merits of psychedelics when used correctly, the places and methods in which to dispose of a corpse, the viability of being a farrier, the technicalities of being best friends with your partner, Jake and Morgans take on the Swallwell gun ban, some of the many reasons that you should NEVER drink and drive, the consistent disappointment of EA, hidden driveways and pizza deliveries, and to finish the day the best and worst movies from the group.

Episode 23 was the first episode in which Jake and Morgan joined us as a couple, it was also Colins birthday!

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All of our episodes originate on our SoundCloud but can be heard ANYWHERE you can get a podcast. We do a live stream pre-show from our Facebook, but if you miss us live you can watch that video along with the rest of our vids on our YouTube. We LOVE listener request topics and love hearing from you guys. Keep sending in topics and we will keep researching them! Thank for listening!

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