Episode #88: From the Mouths of Babes

Episode #88 Saturday June 27, 2020 Feat. Shelby

On episode 88 Don and Offie are joined by Don’s cousin Shelby, with her help the boys were able to get a glimpse into what the COVID shutdown was like from the viewpoint of not only a High-School Senior, but also a Certified Nurses Assistant. The crew start off by talking about Shelby’s experience continuing school during COVID and her subsequently graduating (contact free, of course). Don and Offie then try to get a read on the political and civics education that is being provided to our students, using Shelby as a barometer. Then, the boys run Shelby through A POLITICAL GAUNTLET to see where she might sit on the political spectrum and how well she feels her opinions may coincides with the opinions of her school mates. Shelby was such a great guest and knowingly or not, gave both Don and Offie some hope for the future in these trying times. Come take a listen to our first GEN-Z GUEST, it was a fantastic show and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

For the next few weeks we are asking for some listener assistance. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently but we care about YOUR story. We want to hear about the people the media isn’t talking to or about. DM us, call us, email us, however you feel comfortable reach out to us and tell us your story.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.


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