Episode 93 ft. John Satak (Satak?)

On Episode 93 Don and Offie are joined by the one and only John Satak.

After finding the deepest roots of Johns name, they discuss the
productivity and use of traditional political labels as well as the
pros and cons, and whether a more parliamentary style system might be beneficial. The difference between rights and laws, our founding documents compared to other countries as well as a compare/contrast between founding documents and social contracts. The razor thin margin between attack and counter attack, how simple it can be to forfeit the protections of our founding documents and how to keep them, why you can’t legislate morality and how the effort to do so is crippling our society. Don draws his line in the sand with government over reach, the arguments for and against abortion legislation and whether or not it should be legislated at all. The situation (as we understand it best) that unraveled with Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, some possible outcomes, the difference between “want to” and “willing to” and why it’s so important as a gun owner. Offies expectations from a civilized society and the ways we are and are not meeting them, why no one should tell you how to advocate for causes you believe in and why it’s okay to be confused about large societal happenings. Dons large scale ideas of power and control in our country and why focus on the wrong things could lead us down a path we can’t turn back from. John learns of the dark workings of the CCP and their horrific treatment of their citizens. The difference between equity and equality and why the change of just a few letters can make such a difference as well as why the word “equity” always makes the SOS ears perk up.

Here is a link to Johns YouTube:

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