Episode 94: Back on Our Bullshit

On episode 94 Don and Offie are unaccompanied once again and after learning that the President has COVID-19, they use the Presidential Debate as an insane map through the chaos we all watched on our TVs. Starting with what preceding events may have contributed to the poor quality of the debate to the interruptions and childish behavior that made it so unwatchable. The death of RBG, the decision to replace her, the political workings behind it and how it may be a microcosm for our political system as a whole. The intricacies of the deep politics of our country and why they are so hard to understand and the politicians that might have an easier time navigating through the swamp. The politicization of the Supreme Court and how it may lead our country down a path it can’t return from, and the “solutions” being proposed in the form of “court packing”, etc… The politicization of the global pandemic through possible vaccine as well as the timetables of opening/closing of states and the verifiable influence trying to be used by the Biden/Harris campaign, as well as many examples of their hypocritical behavior during and before the Presidential Race. The issue of President Trumps taxes, the reality of the situation as well as the reality of the mega-rich in this country. President Trumps unwillingness to act Presidential even when provided with the perfect opportunity and butchering of another opportunity to denounce white supremacy. Bidens surprising use of the “bad apple” line in regards to law enforcement and inability to address the constitutional crisis we all find ourselves in with our government. How both candidates having no real knowledge of the Proud Boys or ANTIFA and choosing to speak about them openly is extremely dangerous.The possibility of Kamala Harris being the new Dick Cheney and the potential issues being exposed with mail-in voting. In SPORTS!! the COVID policies within the NFL and how they impacted the players, the teams, and those that enjoy fantasy football.

Our theme song is written, produced and recorded by Upper Left.

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