Episode 115: If You Want to be A Cog, Go Do Cog Things

On episode 115 Don and Offie are joined by the one and only Larry Dixon. Starting off slow with dietary discussions, leading sharply into the labor shortage in not only traditionally low paying jobs but also higher paying and unions jobs (ferry boats, waste management and shipping trucks are local examples), and whether this could be indicative of an unwillingness to work hard in the current working generation. Is it possible the introduction and expansion of “entitlement programs” and the gig and work at home economies have permanently changed our job markets. Larry highlights some of the freedom based differences between Oklahoma and Washington State and then why working hard and willingness to sacrifice are some of the keys to success. Updates on Larrys current status and future in the Army, including the reasons why and plans for his post military career. The ways Larrys concerns about the military are being mirrored in civilian life including vaccine mandates, critical race theory and the degradation of the American work ethic and education system. A breakdown of the book “Peril” by Woodward and Costa and the main themes Don drew from his reading of it, including Joe Biden being a puppet President, Gen. Milley having organized a coup in the US government and blatant lies in the book. Quick updates on the ongoing budget talks in DC and then an explanation of the idea of “Minting the Coin”; what it means and why it could potentially help progress the downfall of the American financial system. In SPORTSS!! the Seahawks are terrible, Larry hates Jamal Adams and injuries are plentiful.

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