Episode 116: Fuck an HOA

On episode 116 Don and Offie begin by discussing the potential advances that could come from commercial space flight and why Jeff Bezos would want the WaPo. Moving quickly to the effects of the now implemented Washington State vaccine mandate including the firings, protests and lawsuits, but also the long term effects of slowly stripping free people of their liberties to seed power to the executive and why maintaining our freedoms is increasingly important through examples of how little The State thinks and cares of its constituents. The current labor shortage and possible causes, sweeping labor strikes, shipping delays and “supply line bottle-necks”, as well as the long term economic effects like unionization and inflation and what that does to daily life. Stories of high buck hunts and a breakdown of the budget reconciliation framework (as it was at the time of recording) including top cost, pay fors, programs still included and current delays. Explosive rape allegations out of Loudon County, Virginia, the reporting around it and the shifting in perceptions around public schools and in SPORTS!! Don and Offie face off in The League of $840 and Oregon claims another W.

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