Episode 119 : Suffer Together

On episode 119 Don and Offie are joined by the one and only Larry Dixon. Starting by digging into pressures for Don and Offie to leave Washington and the reasons they want so badly to stay then how Don learned that all cell phone companies are the same, the downfalls of very rigid corporate structures and why customer service is the king of the business world from Amazon to Chewy.com. Whether or not being a police officer is a customer service job, and how the unique aspects of their customers affect their jobs. The Christmas Parade attack in Wisconsin and the spread of misinformation by the corporate media, The recent school shooting in Michigan is discussed and whether or not the parents are being mistreated. How the absence of governmental action and exposure to governmental ineptitude has driven Larry into donation and secular tithing, why we as a society should not look to the government to solve our issues and how or why we may have gotten to this point. What a Vote A Rama is and why it could be a microcosm of our current political system. How COVID showed many people that libertarianism may not be a good enough political solution to maintain personal liberty, as well as exposing the propaganda machine and the willingness of the general public to trade freedom for safety. Larry’s plan to start a community, not a commune, of like-minded individuals and his pitch to get Don and Offie to move there, and a rehashing of leaving Washington vs. staying.

This will be our last episode for the year but we will be back on Jan. 8 2022! And we will be releasing plenty of content before then.

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