Episode 120: Lenny Was There

On episode 120, Don and Offie kick off 2022 with a “let me ask you this” about alternatives to the tech overlords (twitter, IG, Facebook etc.). Moving then to the COVID updates locally, nationally and around the globe including changes to CDC guidelines and protocols causing issues especially with schools and hospitals, the proliferation of the Omicron variant and its side effects. A breakdown of the authoritarian nature of the emergency powers of the Federal and State governments displayed during COVID and why they are not about health including the placating to teachers unions, illogical, inconsistent and unconstitutional public health guidelines and the disgusting and obvious collusion between big pharma, the corporate media and governments around the globe. Moving then to a listener request topic; the split of the media. A quick breakdown of the way Don sees the current media structure and then diving into why the split from corporate media started including the constant disinformation and gas lighting carried out by corporate media, the dystopian nature of the corporate media narrative about The Capitol Riots, and how corporate media ignores and erases the narratives and public characters that don’t fit their narrative from Joe Rogan to Ghislaine Maxwell. Why we should all beware the false messiah of shows like Breaking Points

Here are the Washington State codes we went over this week

We talked about the Capitol Riots on episode 100

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