” 12 Rules For Life ” series, part 2

The second rule in the book is “treat yourself like someone you are responsible for taking care of”, something that at first I was slightly confused by but after having read the chapter was obviously enlightened on. One of the strange things that always strikes me about psychology is its ability to boil people downContinue reading “” 12 Rules For Life ” series, part 2″

Episode 26 / Century Club Challenge

Another challenge falls on Salt of the Streets as Case Bohls, Biscuit and Drew Baby Drew take on the Century Club Challenge. Similar to the Power Hour defeated by Don and Case but with 40 more minutes and 40 more shots. Special guest host Tydell and Don go over experiences in high school and howContinue reading “Episode 26 / Century Club Challenge”

Episode 24 Pod, Pre-Show and LiveStream

This week Offie and Don take a dive into Articles of Impeachment being introduced against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (09:00) theories of a “deep-state” and The Presidents private lawyer Michael Cohen (30:00), Mike Pompeos testimony on the Russia and Korea summits (55:00), complications in trade between the US, China, and the EU (1:28:30), celebrity drugContinue reading “Episode 24 Pod, Pre-Show and LiveStream”