Episode 69 is LIVE!

The SOS boys will be off for the next two weeks but there WILL be content provided while we are gone! Be on the lookout for new blogposts and audio blogposts over the next two weeks! Thanks for sticking around!

Episode 69 takes Don and Offie down the path of the emoluments clause of the constitution and concerns regarding money spent at Trump hotels as well as excess tax payer money spent on Mike Pences travel, OJ Howard is tanking fantasy teams, a secret Taliban meeting is cancelled and John Bolton resigns(?), the building blocks of America are discussed and the most recent and worst Democratic Debates are discussed by topic including health care, gun control, and education, the Antonio Brown allegations are broken down and in SPORTS!! menisci are torn and mono is contracted.

In Episode 9 we would have discussed the appointment of John Bolton:

In Episodes 65 and 61 we discussed the previous debates

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