Back to Basics with Episode 41

This week Don and Offie take it back to their political roots and go over the latest on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi (which we covered originally in Episode 36), the CIAs findings and the Presidents response to it, in Trumpy Things the recent subpoenas of James Comey and Loretta Lynch and why this is happening now, and in the Grab Bag; how the Russians DID have their hands in your pie, Shapiro is better on other peoples shows, the new NASA Mars rover, 6ix9ine and why he is stupid, and of course SPORTS!!

White House Statement from the President of the United States

Every single one of our pods can be found on our SoundCloud and where ever else you can get a podcast. The pre show is available now on our YouTube along with all of our other videos and the full episode video will be up tomorrow afternoon. T-Shirts are available now and can be inquired about through ANY of our social media. Leave us a review on your podcast platform, send us a screen shot and you will get $5 OFF YOUR FIRST SHIRT.


MOVEMBER is going on for a few more days and ANYTHING helps. The Movember Foundation fights for mens health to work to eradicate testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and suicide among men along with many others. The mustaches that Don and Offie are wearing are to show unity with men and spread awareness. Search for either of our names on to donate in our names or just follow the links below.


Don’s Movember

Offie’s Movember



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